I don't usually go for smart arse musical insanity, but --


Matt Bo Eder

Love those guys - they definitely don't take themselves too seriously, which is a major breath of fresh air! If you get into their three albums, you'll find them tackling almost all musical styles (sometimes within one or two songs too) and pulling it off with such virtuosity it's a bit unbelievable. Very cool band. Go see them live - the mental telepathy alone is worth the ticket ;)

Swiss Matthias

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Nice video, I like the Aristocrats! And yes, I agree, not taking themselves too seriously really is a big point in their music and overall coolness :).
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Great video. At first I thought, not another metal band video, but this is far from metal.

Some great fusion playing all around.


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I have a bunch of drums like that. I have a bunch of cymbals like that. And stands, and all that other stuff. I simply store 'em in my house. This guy plays 'em! BRAVO!