I can't practice comfortable in home


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I have a problem drummers. I'm living in 11th floor of an apartment. I can play cushy, cause neighbors knows me, and it's no problem for they. But i can't, i don't know. I'm playing rock, so my kick's so powerful. I can't push powerly(?). I'm thinking, i'm going to disturbing others, or something. I'm thinking insulation but how can insulation makes a good silencing in an apartment? Have 10th, 9th floor, lol. :D (If i make insulation i'm going to do just my room.) When i'm playing rudiments, it's np i think. But i need to play rock songs. I need your ideas.


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Do you have a space in the basement? If yes that would be the place to soundproof and install yourself. If not, I guess your best bet would be to rent a shed somewhere or buy an e-kit, or you'd be in constant trouble.