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i'm playing a chinese restaurant tonight! lol. in a punky, thrashy, ska/metal band. should be interesting. let's hear your off center venues, ladies and gentlemen.


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Restaurant gigs are weird. I was asked to do a restaurant gig a few weeks ago, and the owner wanted the whole band on a 4 x 5 landing on a staircase. It was a joke. No one was even there at dinner time. I told the guy who hired me, I can't believe you drug me out here for this. Then I walked out. He was a real Dbag anyway. That felt great, never behaved like that before to a "bandleader" (not) and as it turns out I made a good decision because the owner ended up stiffing the guys at the end. Serves him right, like I said, the guy is a real Dbag.


Farmers Market in a little town called Meaford. To make sure we weren't too loud they asked us to point our amps at the bay (the Georgian Bay that is) rather than at the crowd. We play old time Rock n Roll and the noise might upset some of the older shoppers.

I could just slap our singer for booking this one but a gig is a gig : )


I had a weekly gig above a strip bar. Sometimes it was just myself and the guitarist, sometimes a trio. It was slumming it but fun. I didn't tell too many people to come out and hear us. Now that I think about it, it was kind of fun.

I've also played marches at a hockey game.