Hudson Music downloads not working

Henrik Simonsen

Junior Member
I've tried to buy some e-books from the Hudson Music digital shop but my credit card a rejected. I've tried to make a new account with a different email address and I've tried to make an account with my wife's email/credit card, nothing helped, cards rejected. Hudson Music say they can't help me with the problem.
I live in Denmark, are there anybody here at Drummerworld that have had the same issue and maybe solved it somehow?:).



Odd-Arne Oseberg

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It might be on your end. Check with your bank.

- Region limitations

- Extra password verification

Alternatively, get a PayPal account.

Henrik Simonsen

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Thanks for answer Odd-Arne
I've checked with my bank, they could not see any blockings, I checked with the danish Paypal office, Paypal is taking care of the payments, they couldn't see any blockings but said I should ask Hudson to check with their local Paypal office in USA. I've asked them to do it but they say they can't help me.....

It is a little confusing, if you want to buy a dvd download you must use another homepage and that page is taken care of by "Leaping Brain", and on that page page you can use either your credit card OR Paypal. I couldn't use my credit card there either so I got a Paypal account and that worked! BUT the Hudson e-book page do not have the Paypal option.........


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Alternatively, you can download music on some websites providing free service. The site I usually use is Free Music Archive that helps to get high quality free mp3 album downloads and songs easily. I think it's ok to download free sources on this website for personal fair use.