How to mount a tom drum?


I bought a 10" tom and the seller told me its Pearl. WHen I got the tom, I try to mount it with a Pearl tom holder TH-88 but it doesnt fit. I think I got cheated.

The tom doesnt carry any brand on it maybe its somekind of generic tom. ANyways, what are the ways I can mount the tom?

The pearl tom holder diameter is too big for the tom mount hole. It cant go in.


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The RIMS mounts are awesome. They can adapt to any existing mounting system, and they are one of the best mounting systems out there... used by a lot of drum builders.

Otherwise you can always take the hardware off and mount the tom on a snare stand.


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Pearl tom arms are 7/8" diameter. Many of the stencil/starter kits have tom arms that are 3/4" diameter.
3/4" tom arms are available from Gibraltar and Cannon. The problem is getting them tight in the bass drum mount designed for 7/8". I have taken the top of a smaller arm apart at the "elbow" and combined it with the other half of a 7/8".

If you really intend to keep this tom for a while, and want it mounted to your kit, buy the Pearl BT-3 tom mount for the drum.