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I remember my brother was in an Orchestra many years ago, with Evelyn Glennie playing a snare drum Concerto as the soloist. She really is something.

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I know it's been posted here years before but it's definitely worth a re-visit.
I couldn't agree more! Evelyn is as perplexing as she is inspirational. All her skills were on display at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics last year. I can't imagine what external influences she was having to juggle to keep her performance together.

This audio from that section of the ceremony is not only a great example of Evelyn's percussive prowess, but probably the highest profile drumming exposure of the year. Put on some good headphones, & enjoy :)

Anthony Amodeo

this is great

when studying with the orchestral great Bill Platt he spoke of the exact same things making very similar points

I needed to hear all of that again .....thank you for posting


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Is she completely deaf? I saw her last year and she did an interview beforehand with an orchestra percussionnist. She was conversing back and forward as if she was unimpaired.


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My experience with the master classical percussionist at the Eastman School completely changed the way I understood the various elements of our instrument and would play thereafter. It was so much about listening to the sound and how to obtain it.

This is a masterpiece that so many people can gain from - thank you for sharing this!