How to get the most you can selling used gear?


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When I use CL, I always put a disclaimer at the beginning that says something like this:

Disclaimer: No scammers. No wire transfers, Western Union, checks, money orders, Paypal, etc. Cash only. Locals only. Thanks! :)

Like someone else mentioned, I've had some pretty good luck with Facebook Marketplaces too.

If you ever have an entire drum set to sell, don't do a package deal. I have a friend who bought a package deal of Premier Signias, like a 6 or 7-piece with a matching snare. The guy sold him everything...shells, cymbals (A Customs), and nice drum mics in a package deal. By the time he sold the mics and a couple of cymbals, he basically got the Signias for free. Sell separate.

The only time I'd suggest Reverb is if you have a random tom or kick drum to sell. My friend who got the Signias above claims that he has great luck selling random toms he finds.

I don't like to fool around with shipping, so I just use CL and FB Marketplace.


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Do your research.

Ebay lets you search for completed listings, which you can use to see what other people have sold similar items for.

Understand that gear with great name recognition will sell for more than better gear with no name recognition. Here in 'Straya I've sold very ordinary Zildjian cymbals for more than I've been able to get for far more musical sounding UFiP cymbals...because everybody knows Zildjian.

Selling for slightly less than absolute top dollar, but making a sale is also worth considering.

Ideally you want to be selling when you don't need to sell. A super-keen seller will sell for less...a super-keen buy will pay more.

Good luck!


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As a rule I only sell on ebay up to about $300 per item. At some point the sellers fee + paypal fee become unacceptable. I make exceptions for items that are less sought after and I really need the maximum views possible.
As an example if I were selling a Roland ekit, all of the cymbals, vdrums, etc would go on ebay but the $1400 module absolutely would not.


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While I prefer Reverb, eBay is more dynamic in terms of shipping options and will adjust the shipping cost based on the buyer's location. As far as I can tell (and maybe I am doing something wrong), with Reverb you have to guesstimate a fixed price...


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I would not be afraid of Craigslist. I have bought and sold on there many times. People are local can come in a day or two to try your goods and pay cash with no fees like Ebay.
I have also used Facebooks, Market Place, to sell locally. Again instant payoff.
Figure out what you want , set the price, use the terms, cash and price is firm. Most of the hagglers will leave you alone. If someone contacts you about coming to look, make sure to tell them again, price is firm and cash. Be honest, don't hide bumps and dings. Be up front and you should be successful.


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Yes, because putting "no scammers" in your craigslist ad actually stops scammers.

After I started putting a disclaimer about no scammers, money transfers, Western Union, etc., in there, it cut the amount of scammers WAY down. I probably only get maybe one bogus email as opposed to a half a dozen on items I sell.

Works for me.