How to get that sound


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You'll need to get the same kit(s) with the same heads and the same tunings.

Then you'll need to get the same engineer to use the same microphones, recording gear and techniques in the same studio.

That oughta do it.


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Dude, i understand that. I just need tunings, maybe intervals or notes of each drumhead.
It's not that simple. You'll have to experiment not only with tuning to your taste but also different damping techniques to get the "feel" you seek - wet, dry, less or more sustain... There may be hundreds of tuning threads and posts herein so start searching and reading. What your hear in a recording has been electronically altered to suit the situation and/ or engineer. There's compression, reverb, echo. Some start very dry and add effects. Live vs. studio recording also makes a difference. One drum tuned to a specific setting won't match another drum tuned exactly the same SO experiment with your drums - one drum at a time - until you get the exact tone and feel out of your drums. You can only do that by experimenting with heads, turnings, damping techniques, placement in the room, room size, drum size.... The point is, don't try match some "ideal" because it doesn't exist.

Compared to my fusion kit, Obed's is tuned higher and dryer. He's coming at from a jazz/Caribbean sound. He's also in a very enclosed small space in the recording.
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yeah listen to MileHighDrummer, he is right, in one of my threads asking to get the snare sound in rust in peace, he told me exactly this. And after research, i believe it's true.
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