how to get Terry Branam's transcriptions on pdf


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I saw some great transcriptions of Terry's that are posted below some Drummerworld videos, but, unless I missed it, they aren't available as pdfs. It's a problem because I can't zoom in close enough to make a good print. Doesn't help that I'm god-awful with computers...
Any ideas?
Thank you,

Terry Branam

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Hi ikol,

Thanks for checking out the transcriptions!

Usually, there is a download link on the page that the transcription is on like on this one:

On the others, I think you could just click on the music and just drag to your desktop or right click on the music and choose "Save As".

If you still have any problems, you can always Private Message me through the forum and I can just email you anything you want.

Hope it helps, and thanks again!!

More to come...