How to achieve better sound?


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Hello everybody,
I want to make a question to all drummer here!.Well i have a sonor force 505 kit but it doesnt sound very well :S .Can you share with me any tip to make it sound better?..Do you know any material tha i can place to my room to stop the "buzzing" ?

Thank you for any answers!

PS:Sorry for my english but i am from Greece:p


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There are many factors that contribute to that "buzz" you are hearing. Head type & tuning mainly. Please let us know what heads you are using and how tight you are tuning and suggestions will follow.

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Well i have the custom heads which are Remo UX i think and i have them tuned by my tutor!.. I dont know how to tune by myself :S Any suggestions? Should I change heads? Or learn t tune?


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Hey destinationDrumming thanks for the reply,

The buzz comes from all the kit including the BD and the cymbals!
I think i should place them anywhere else! I have them on the basement right now... Do you know any material that can place in the room to achieve better sound?..


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Firstly have your tutor teach you how to tune. It's better to know how to do it yourself, than rely on someone else to do it for you. Besides he/she may be tuning your drums to a sound or pitch that you may not want. If you have any troubles youtube's got countless vids on how to tune drums. Look into Bob Gatzen, I learned quite a bit from watching his tuning vids.

However I'm not too sure about the UX head thing, I've never heard of them. It may be the European name for Emperor or Ambassador heads or something like that, then again you did say they were custom heads (I didn't know they even did that). E.G. Ford may call a car the "Focus" here in the states, but in Europe it may be called something else, that kind of thing. Although the heads could be the problem when it comes to sound, maybe you want a more open sound and your heads are too thick or vice versa, you want a deader or more of a thud like sound and your heads are too thin.

As far as the buzzing goes, I can guarantee you that playing in your basement is causing a lot of that buzzing. Carpet will help with that. I don't know if you have "shag" carpet in Greece (it was a big fad here in the states during the 1970's, from the pictures I've seen), but it's really thick with a lot of excess material. If you put that under your kit, it would probably help reduce the amount of sound that bouncing around off of all of that cement.

The buzzing could also be from the orientation of your drums. For example I experienced this problem over the weekend. I have a 12" tom mounted off of a clamp from a cymbal boom stand. Last weekend I adjusted it to get the cymbal closer so I didn't have to reach as far. As a result whenever I hit the tom, I get a bit of buzzing from the cymbal arm that is collapsed inside of the stand. It's kind of bouncing around inside of the tube.


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Well i have the custom heads which are Remo UX i think and i have them tuned by my tutor!.. I dont know how to tune by myself :S Any suggestions? Should I change heads? Or learn t tune?
Remo UX heads are the stock heads that come with the kit they are asian made clear ambassadors for the toms and coated ambassador for the snare so i'd say changing the heads would improve the sound quite a bit but i would be a good idea to learn to tune also.


I'd say pinstripes or emperors for a sonor force 507. Most entry-level kits sound great with pinstripes.
Another little tip is to loosen the lugs around the snares of your snare drum a little bit (1/2 turn or slightly more), this will make your snares less sensitive to vibrations from other drums. But snare buzzing happens with any drum kit, even the most expensive ones. It can be reduced via good tuning, heads and construction, but not completely eliminated.

If you want to dampen the ringing sustain of a drum, you can use RemO rings, moongel or just go for ducktape. Some people will frown upon ducktape for leaving residu on your heads when you take it off, but it does the job. And you'll replace your heads sooner or later anyway.