How Many Shells, What Shells, and What Cymbals and Hardware......


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Would make the Mother of All Kits? Just wondering.....because it seems like once you get started buying gear, there is no end in sight. Ever.


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Would make the Mother of All Kits? Just wondering.....because it seems like once you get started buying gear, there is no end in sight. Ever.
I think there is an end (at least for some). At some point, assuming you experiment enough, you find the products that match the sound you hear in your head.

Eventually one needs to deal with the other side of things as well, and that's how your own playing impacts the sound being produced of any shell or cymbal.

To own a bunch of stuff for the sake of owning it has never made much sense to me personally. Though, I'm not a collector so it's only my perspective.


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The same question applies to most instruments ,dosen't it?How many guitar players ,that can afford it,have only one "monster " guitar?

Different guitars ,effects and amps ,will sound differently.The same aplies to drums,cymbals and hardware,heads and tunings.

If you can make one set or just one guitar work for you(a la Willie Nelson),then more power to you.

But most of us,like to change things up once in a while,and that favorite snare durm,just dosen't sound as good to you as it once did.But maybe,it will again,which is why,sentimental reasons aside,you keep it.

Steve B
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After making my own drums for twenty+ years, I have come to see things in much simpler terms when it comes to drums. Cymbals, now that is another story. Hardware, lots of new improvements out there and great ideas. No one particular company could meet my idea of Mother of all Drum Sets, though.


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I think it would have to be something customo made with a classic, timeless look. Anything too odd will get old, or be less than desireable as your tastes change.

As for acquiring gear, there is no end because companies keep improving and changing things. For example, an OZone in now an integral part of my sound. If you would have told me 10 years ago that a cymbal with holes in it would be my favorite, I would have said you were crazy. Times change, tastes change, gear changes and band situations change, all of that leads to the desire to acquire new gear.

Bo Eder

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Just make enough money, and buy what you like. If that means you're always buying what you like, then that's what it means. I do this all the time.


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I'm happy with a small kit, just your basic four piece.
Throw in some hats and 2 or 3 cymbals and I'm set!

When I get something new I never add anything to the kit, I replace / change stuff depending on the situation

At the moment tho, I could come up with probably two dozen ride cymbals that I wouldn't mind having around....

And some snares. Yes, I could think of a few of those as well!


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Mapex Saturn......running for cover......
I will always play either a 6 or 7 piece kit. Also, I like to have a double bass pedal for the times my right foot tires so I can switch to left foot bass. I'm a worrier by default and I always want a extra pitched tom just in case. Hope that helps, Jeff


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The mother of all kits would be a bass drum, a snare drum, a newfangled contraption from Ludwig called a bass drum pedal (1909),and a cymbal. That's the first drumkit and all others that followed are her progeny.
And to answer your real question
BD 20x14
RT 13x9
FT 16x16
SD 5x14

coated emperor batters ambassador resos.
Zildjian A
14in new beats
18 in thin crash
22 in medium ride

cowbell and jamblock


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I just pick a favorite maker, buy one of each in their catalog, and then I can assemble any kit in the world from that reserve. That's why I'm such a nerd about shell diameters. The more I have to choose from, the more flexible I can be in arranging a few of them into a reasonable kit.

Cymbals, on the other hand, are relatively flat and store easily. Buy all you want.


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The mother of all kits would be a drum kit that tuned easy, sounded amazing in all playing situations, had nice tonal balance, a lovely set of cymbals and one that would cost me nothing...


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