How many sets do you own?


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Just curious, how many kits do you currently own. How many have you owned in your drumming career?

Do you use them all? Are you a collector or just a gear nut?


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Two kits

Pearl Vision VBX 12/13/16/22 in Ruby Fade <=== First drum kit/ Gig kit

Mapex Black Panther Velvetone 10/12/14/16/22 <=== At home practice kit/ Recording

I'm planning on picking up another kit in the future that is setup for lower tom tunings than my current kits. The Velvetone 14" FT is not performing well in the tunings I desire and they will not produce a 15" add on tom for the kit. I'm looking towards DW or another maker that will produce a 12/15/16/22 kit for me.


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Right now 3 drumsets. I'm thinking of picking up an acrylic in the near future. And selling one of my cheaper sets. But for now, 3.


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Three total

USA Pork Pies (6 piece)
Early 1990's Tama Rockstars (6 piece)
Mid-90's Pearl Sessions (4 piece)

No extra snares.

If things work out, I may get a set built in November or December this year.


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Just one set, but it's solid brass.

Oh, wait. You meant drum-sets.

I've got 3 of those technically. Nice one, gig one, electronic practice one.


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I own 4 sets:

Tama StarClassics

Gretsch Catalina Birch

1971 Ludwig Standards

Roland E-drums ( for home practice so the wife doesn't bounce me into the street)

Swiss Matthias

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A Sonor delite 20, 10, 12, 14, 16
A Sonor SQ2 18, 12, 14
A Sonor force 2007 20, 10, 12, 14

and I'm awaiting my
Sonor Vintage 22, 12, 16 :D.


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Right now I have two:

1967 Rogers Holiday kit (20/16/12)

2014 Yamaha Club Custom (18/14/12)

I use both kits depending on which band I'm playing with.

If I ever get the cash to spare I'd love to pick up a third kit, most likely would go for a '60's Gretsch round badge kit.


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I'm on my fifth drumset; Gretsch New Classic in White Marine Sparkle, 8" 10" 12" 14"ft & 18"bd.
I've had one Star (Tama) from the sixties which I bought for $50!!! and that included one A Zildjian Ride and an A 14" hihat. Good deal!! That was in 1975.
Then a "no name" 5-piece Jap kit, later a Tama Superstar in the 80's ( Carl Palmer sizes, 8-piece), followed by a Luddy kit in 1995, 4-piece, and now the Gretsch kit.
I also have a Roland E-kit in our house.
I would like a bigger kit sometimes; 24" bd, 12" rack tom & 14" & 16" floortoms.


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Two questions here really.

I have owned probably 20 kits in my life, some nice, some not so nice.

I currently own 3:
an 80's Grandstar with the huge square tom sizes that I play at home.

a 10 year old or so superstar I leave at the rehearsal space.

a starclassic performer I bought last year that I gig with.

I think all 3 are 12/14/16/22 with the superstar and starclassic having shallower toms.


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I have 3 kits all in various states of construction.

7 Piece Catalina Maple 2013
6 Piece Tama Roackstar 1993
6 Piece Ddrum Reflex Uptown 2014

I'm also building 5 snare drums...


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I suppose I started this post I may as well add my drums!

Yamaha Live Oak 10 12 16 22
Magstar 12 16 20
Slingerland 1971 12 16 22

I have had:
DW Performance
Yamaha Club Customs (old version)
Yamaha Absolute Maple / Birch
Yamaha Tour Custom
Yamaha Hip Gig Al Foster
Yamaha Oak Custom (Japan)
Pearl Masters Maple
Simmons SDS8 Electronic Drums


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Right now 3 drumsets. I'm thinking of picking up an acrylic in the near future. And selling one of my cheaper sets. But for now, 3.
Should probably clarify since that's what others are doing.

My mains are a Sonor Force 2001 that I purchased in 2004. 12x9, 13x11, 16x16, 22x16 sizes w/ 14x5.5 snare. I don't play with the stock snare much, I have a 14x5 Antique Brass snare that is branded Rhythm Traders (my local drum store, not sure who actually made it) that I use most of the time.

What I got as a teaching set, then reheaded and tuned up to be jazzy, but end up actually gigging way more, is this old Vintage Pearl. The old Pearl logo is on the bass drum ride mount, so I know its pre-1975. Think its 13x11, 16x16, 22x16, 14x5.5. One of the lugs got busted on the snare, so rather than replacing it, I got an old Supra 400 for pretty cheap that sounds killer.

My 'beater' set is a Rhythm Traders branded (again, not sure who actually makes it) cheap 5 piece in your typical sizes. I bought it for less than $200 that would stay at rehearsal spaces, but the band ended up breaking up 6 months later, so the set is still there (I'm good friends with them though so all's good). Planning on selling it sometime, when I get around to it.

The set that I currently have my eye on is a 5 piece red acrylic Crush set.

Jeremy Bender

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I have owned three total in my life. I still have two of them-Sonor and Yamaha.
However, the purchase of a nice little Sonor bop kit or maybe a big 'ol warm mahogany Ludwig kit will happen someday.