How many of you guys mic your kits at home?

Duck Tape

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I have 2 sm57's and an audix d6 (bass drum mic). I wouldn't use them while I'm just practicing but for simple recording they are handy to have.

Since I only have an mbox I have to choose 2 from my 3 mics (only 2 inputs).

If I'm recording myself and another musician in the room I'll have an sm57 setup over the kit and an sm57 pointed at their amp, or if there's a few amps I'll have it aimed in their general direction.

If I'm recording myself alone I'll have the bass drum mic and sm57 overhead. It sounds okay.

A guy I've been jamming with lately just brought this 'jam hub' thing (it's a cheaper copy) around, guitars/basses/keyboards can be plugged directly or you can plug mics into it, and everyone listens in with their headphones. So there's another reason for having a few mics.


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Overheads - 2-Sterling ST55 (modifyed with better caps) > Black Lion Autuer
Hi-Hat - Shure SM137 > DM4800
Snare Top - Shure SM57 > ISA II
Snare Bottom - Audix D1 > ISA II
2-Rack Toms - Audix D2 > WA12
Floor Tom - Audix D4 >WA12
Kick Inside - Shure Beta 91a > DM4800
Kick Outside - Shure Beta 52 or Audix D6 (depending on my mood) > ART Pro Channel Strip ( NOS GE Tubes)


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Audix kit- kick, snare and 2 overheads and I use it to help me hear myself practice etc. because it protects my ears. Back to a 6 channel mixer where I can plug in phones and ipod.

Always wanted to put this into a briefcase and take it to jams. Just the kick mic and one overhead to hear what is going on and my kit. I play more accurately when I can hear my foot. Worried the guys would laugh at me tho. haha.

Think it would be great esp with a set of in-ears.