how many drummers are there?


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there are no drummers out there.
In your world, there is only 1 drummer: You. Understanding this is very important
Hmm...sounds kind of ego-centric, but alright.

I guess that means the drum chair for Led Zeppelin is open again! I'm on the first plane out there...


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was not ment to sound egocentric at all. was meant like about "being yourself" sooner or (mostly) later...
"Never play to impress the drummer from the other band" (Ginger Baker)
That doesn't mean that you don't acknowledge their existance. Heck, you just quoted a drummer that doesn't exist, according to your earlier post. Woah...I'm discussing this with a drummer that doesn't exist in my world, according to your earlier post. I must be traveling worlds to do it!

This is too fun.


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(anyone? anyone?)
That is the answer, but what is the question?

To the OP, I have no idea, but it must be a large number. I'm always amazed at NAMM that there are enough drummers out there to support all the companies doing business, given all the top names name guys get free stuff.