How many different Brands do you Use?


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While I was playing the other day, I got to thinking about my gear - you know, drums, cymbals, pedals, sticks, etc. Well I thought to myself that most drummers are pretty "gear-centric" meaning they will say, "I play Tama." Or Pearl, Ludwig, et al.

So it got me to thinking about my ow gear; what all do I have?

Let's see:

Drums - Gretsch
Cymbals - Paiste, Sabian
Padals - Pearl, DW
Sticks - Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Zildjian
Hardware - DW, Sound Percussion, LP, Tama
Thrones - Roc-n-Soc, PDP
Cowbell - Pearl

That's a lot of logos to put on one black t-shirt!!

I'm sure there is more items I could list, nut I just can't think or them right now.


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I stopped buying drums when I started having kids 30 years ago.

If I strike it rich one day I'm going to get the rest of my kit to match my 1980's Tama Super Mahogany toms. Until sweet mongrel.

The Tama Xtras Toms
1970 Rogers Bass
generic snare
Zildjian HH & Ride
Sabian Crash
assorted sturdy hardware
Headhunters BB sticks (as long as I can find them)
My grandmother's cowbell (and yes, it was hanging on a cow 100 years ago)

It'll be nice to upgrade, but I'm content.

Midnite Zephyr

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I use a lot:

Drums: Tama, Ludwig, Pork Pie, Gretsch & Franken-Pearl
Cymbals: Sabian & Zildjian
Heads: Remo, Evans, Attack & Aquarian
Sticks: Vic Firth, ProMark & Regal Tip
Hardware: Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, SP,
HH Stands:Tama, DW & Sonor
BD Pedals: Axis, Asba & Pearl
Thrones: Tama, Gibralter & PDP
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Cymbals: 6 different brands. Masterwork, Soultone, Agop, Mehmet, Zildjain, Sabian

Drums: 7 different brands, Guru, DW, Eames, Ludwig, Yamaha, Sonor, PDP

Pedals: All DW, different models, 9000, 5000, 2000, 3000

Snares: 5 different brands, Guru, Ludwig, Pearl, Carolina, Sonor

I only use my Guru and PDP sets, (and occasionally the Sonor) the others just lie about looking good.

I only play Guru snare drums period, at home and at play.

I use all my cymbal brands either at home or at gigs.
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I'm a horrific fangirl and only own Meinl cymbals!!

But I have daVille, Taye, and Oriollo drums, Pearl pedals, DW hi-hat stand, some Low Boy beaters... usually stick to Evans heads though. The cymbals thing is genuinely just because I like their more than basically any other company but I definitely have some Sabians, Agops, and TRXs that I've loved (or will love in the future). Other than that I use what gets me the best results.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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More than one.

Snares: 5 Gretsch, 1 Ludwig, 2 Yamaha, 1 Longo, 1 Slingerland.
Cymbals: Zildjian
Pedals: DW
Hardware: Gibraltar, Yamaha
Throne: Gibraltar w/Roc'n'Soc
Perc: LP, Meinl, Rhythm Tech, Factory Metal, Remo
Kit: Gretsch

Hollywood Jim

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Unlike a piano or violin player we drummers need a lot of different stuff to hit with our hands and pump with our feet.
Not to mention all of the hardware needed to support all the stuff.



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Oh I've got a bunch of different stuff...

Drums - Tama (and a set of Roto toms somewhere in the garage), Ludwig
Heads - mostly Evans, a couple Remos
Cymbals - Zyldjian, Sabian, Paiste
Pedals - Tama and PDP
Hardware - Tama, Ludwig, Pearl, Gibralter
Sticks - primarily Vic Firth, but have Hot Rodz, and a bunch of other brands in the bag
Mic's - Audix, Shure

Can't remember which brand the seat is (time for an upgrade!), nor the miscellaneous stuff like cowbells and such.


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Drum set and marching stuff:

cymbals: zildjian, paiste, sabian
drums: Ludwig, Leedy & Ludwig, Pearl, DW, Drumcraft
heads: Remo, Aquarian, Evans
stands/misc: Tama, Pearl, Mapex, DW, Ludwig
cowbell : LP
sticks/brushes: Promark, Vic Firth, Regal Tip, Vater, hot rods and a few others I'm forgetting

I'm a brand who*e...and I do rotate all of the above, nothing collecting dust.


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drums: Slingerland, Sonor
snares: Pearl, Ludwig, Premier
cymbals: Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste
sticks: Vic Firth, Vater
hardware: Yamaha, Pearl, Tama
heads: Remo, Aquarian
cars: Nissan, Toyota, Mazda
T-shirts: F&L, Hanes

any drummers ever wonder if you could only buy the brands made in your own country?


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I own a lot of brands, but use certain ones exclusively, or almost exclusively. :)

Drums are almost always Ludwig, but I do keep some old Blaemires on-hand and will play them on occasion in town.

Snares are almost always Ludwig, typically a Supra, Copperphonic, or Keystone, but I occasionally grab a Taye, Canopus, Tempus, or Dunnett/Geo.Way just to change things up a little. All nice drums, but I'll never give up my Ludwigs!

I only use Sabian cymbals, for real, period.



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Kits: Ludwig, DW
Snares: Ludwig (7), Gretsch (2), Dw (1)
Cymbals: Zildjian, UFIP
Pedals: DW, Yamaha, Ludwig
Hardware: DW, Ludwig, Tama, PDP, Gibraltar, Yamaha
Thrones: Roc-n-Soc, Gibraltar, Ludwig, Pork Pie
Heads: Remo, DW
Sticks: Pro Mark, Vic Firth
E-drums: Roland, Yamaha
Drum bags: Roadrunner, SKB
Mics: Shure, AKG, Heil
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Drums: Tama, Mapex, Pearl, Ludwig, Rogers
Cymbals: Zildjian, Ufip, Bosphorus, Istanbul Agop, Paiste
Hardware: Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Rogers
Sticks: Vater, Vic Firth, Regal Tip
Cowbells: PJ, LP


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Drums: Ludwig, Mapex, WorldMax
Cymbals: Agop, Ufip, Collingwood
Sticks: Vater sticks, VF brushes
Hardware: Gibraltar, Pearl
Pedal: Gibraltar
Throne: Tama
Heads: Aquarian (snare/tom batter), Remo (snare/tom reso), Evans (kick)
Bags/Cases: Roadrunner
Cowbell: LP

There might be more. I suppose I could call my mallets mine, since I made/wrapped them myself. :)


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Kits: Tama, Ludwig, Frankenkellers, Yamaha E-Kit
Snares: Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Slingerland, and a Keller
Hardware: Predominately Pearl or Tama. Also a Gibraltar rack, and a smattering of cheap SP stuff when being light and minimal matters.
Pedals: Pearl or Tama
Thrones: Roc n Soc
Cymbals: like Bermuda, only Sabian ever, at least if they're mine.
Heads: Different stuff on different kits and snares, mostly Evans, but Aquarian and Remo all get some use as well.
Sticks: Mostly VF SD9s, but other models from them, Vater, and Promark are in my bags
Mics: Heil, Shure, EV, Sennheiser, I've probably got some other things lying around.

The only brand I feel any real sense of loyalty to is Sabian, and that's not necessarily because I think they're heads and shoulders above other companies in terms of sound, but they have excellent customer service, I feel you get more for your money with them, and I'm just familiar enough with the brand that if I want a different voice, I know what to buy almost unerringly.


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Kits - DW, Premier, Pearl
Snares - 2x Ludwig, 1x Slingerland, 1x Premier, 1x Pearl
Heads - Remo
Cymbals - Sabian, Istanbul, some Vintage Paiste
Pedals - 2x DW (5000 and 5002), Pearl
Hardware - mostly Pearl but some Gibraltar
Sticks - Vic Firth
Throne - Roc n Soc, Pearl
Bags/Cases - Protection Racket and Hardcase

Thunder 42

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Sets: C&C, Tama
Snares: Craviotto (4), Tama SLP (2), Ludwig Acrolyte, C&C
Cymbals: Zildjian A Customs, Istanbul Agop, Istanbul Mehmet, Zidjian K Kerope, Paiste
hardware cymbal stands: DW 5000, DW 6000, Pearl 900
hardware snare stands: DW 6300/3000, Pearl 900, Yamaha
pedals: Pearl
cases/bags: Gator, Ahead
heads: Remo, Evans
sticks: Vater, Pro-mark
thrones: DW 9000, Gibraltar
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