How long do you drum it up every day

Bo Eder

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I try to set aside about an hour everyday at home. But at work I get to practice too and keep a practice pad about to work on technique stuff and just drilling between doing other things.


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I aim for a dedicated 45 mins to an hour of either kit or practice station (couple of pads including foot pad and hi hat with mutes set up like a basic makeshift kit) each day. I'd be totally lying if I said it was always achievable though.

Outside of that, I'm forever noodling on a practice pad whilst watching telly least until my wife tells me to shut it and threatens me with divorce if she "has to listen to any more of that bloody tap, tap, tap." Fair cop I guess....I've always been one to push the boundaries of decency. :)


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2-3 hours mostly, sometimes more. (Beginner/1 year of practice/no full kit/snare & hihat & several pads & double pedal & kick pad.)

This time typically includes 30-60 min isolated left hand exercises (e.g. when working at the PC - left hand: trad grip mostly) and about 1 hour working my feet (one foot at a time, or double bass - heel up, heel-toe) when I'm at the PC (the double pedal is right below my PC workdesk - I'm going at 200 bpm or so for minutes right now while typing...). Basically I'm a guitarist but I'm neglecting the el. and ac. guitar as soon as I got into drums. In the evening, at the weekend or whenever time allows I combine all my hardware to switch between hihat and double pedal play.

Swiss Matthias

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As someone mentioned, it's really more important what happens in the time spent behind
the kit, rather than how long per se.


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On an average week, I play six out of the seven days. My free day is usually Friday. On the weekdays I shoot for three hours of solid practice, working on college stuff which right now includes reading exercises, Horacio's book, The New Breed, going over Riley's comp figures at up tempos, The Rudimental Ritual and a couple of other stuff, I usually do this at morning, take my classes during the day and the afternoon/night is for studying for my other classes and practicing ear training and solfege. Saturdays, I usually spend all day practicing, from 11-5 working on the college material and just letting loose, blowing chops and working on groove and feeling on different styles. Then Sunday I'll get in about an hour to go over the college material, since my class is on Mondays. Add to that like 30-45 minutes of pad workout a day and that's pretty much my schedule right now.

Having said that, I didn't play at all yesterday and asides from some pad action, won't be playing today, I made a little exception so I could go to the Percussion Festival going on right now, but tomorrow I resume my normal practice schedule.


It really varies for me. I tend to lose focus after about twenty minutes but go an several times, so probably at least an hour a day on my actual kit. Up to another half an hour on the pad. Nothing too serious.

I've started thinking that if I took it all more seriously I could be playing to a high standard within two years. That's not my goal but the only things standing between are my focus and having the funding to do so.


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1-2 hrs/day on the kit usually (sometimes 3-4 if I'm lucky). If the wife is home all day, then I'll still try to do and 45-60min on the pad(s).

Too Many Songs

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On the days I practise - 2 hours on the kit. 30 mins warm-up (6 5-minute exercises of my own devising) then 1 1/2 hours of varying exercises - there are about 20 in total. Some days I'll manage to work through only one exercise - other days I might manage two or even three. It all depends on the exercises complexity and the difficulty for me.

I manage to do this 4 or 5 days a week. This means that I restart the whole routine every month or so.

At the moment I've just joined a new band and so all my time (apart from the warm up) is taken up with learning 20+ new songs. I'll probably spend another week doing this before getting back to the serious routine stuff.


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My brother and sister are home all day, so i can practise for one hour every day. I don't really practise the pad, since, my brother think it's noisy too, - and we're sharing room.

I like to play for 1 hour every day, rather than 2 hours split up all over.. I kinda got the feeling that i learn more when not playing, i just play what i've learned while thinking about it.
I usually manage to keep a track going in my head, so precise that I can play on my legs meanwhile. Also, when i take a bus, sit in the car, are in school - i drum on everything, all the time. My friends hate me.... Well good luck to you. Hope you'll be more favoured when your gym is over :)


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Working class sots like myself who commute 1 hour to work either way, it's a bit hard to squeeze in practice. After being an IT manager for 8, 9, 10 hours a day, it's back home for dinner and usually a catch up converstation on the day's events with my wife. So around 9 pm is usually when I may get some time to practice, that is if I'm not having to run errands or take care of stuff around the house. And Wednesdays I have visitation with my 13 year old starting at 6 pm to whenever and on Thursdays I rehearse with my church's praise band for a few hours. That leaves maybe a few hours Saturday for practice and I play the worship service on Sundays, so time is scarce for good ole practice time.

But I do get in some amount of practice time. That's the time I spend with the praise and worship band: a few hours on Thursday and 1 hour rehearsal before the worship service then the actual 1 1/2 hours for the service, so that counts.

A few weeks ago I got into a discussion with a tween who bragged that he spends at least 5 hours a day practicing drums and was disgusted that I only have a limited amount of time to practice. He was in his early 20's, living at his parent's home, going to college part time, and no job. His soul support was his parents. I told him to enjoy that time loafing about because as he gets older and matures, his time will be chewed up by other things like a real job, family, etc. His reply: "No way, man! I'm ALWAYS gonna practice 5 hours a day." Sigh.


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It varies a fair bit. I try and put in 2 to 3 hours every evening after work, except every other Monday I have a drum lesson which is a fair bit of travelling, so sometimes I'll give it a rest when I get home. Every other Tuesday I have band practise, Wednesday I have band practise and Thursday I have a dance lesson. Usually on the nights I can't practise on the kit I'll try and put in some pad time before bed.

At the weekend it again depends what I'm doing or how I feel. Anywhere from 0 to 4 hours or more.

During kit practise I used to just jam along to records far too much, but now I try and limit that to the first 30 minutes or so to get me in the mood.


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Practice at home? What's that?

Here's my schedule:

Tuesday night Band #1 practice - 3 to 4 hours

Thursday night Band #2 practice and play - 2 hours

Friday night Band #1 monthly gig - 4 hours

Sunday Band #2 monthly practice and gig - 2 hours

I'm lucky if I get an occassional hour in for practice at home on a Saturday. Lately I've been so tired I haven't even set up the kit at home between gigs. I work 50-60 hours per week and rarely get home before 7 pm.


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I aim for 35-45 minutes of practice of rudiments and lessons from my teacher each day. If I have the time after that I work on trying to learn new songs and playing along to music - usually another 30 minutes to an hour since this is the most fun for me. Sometimes I reach that goal, sometimes it's just squeezing in 20 minutes of practicing my lesson assignments (those ALWAYS come first).

I usually get behind the kit 6 days a week, sometimes it's only 5. Rarely any less than that. Every once in a while on a weekend, I get in a 2-3 hour session.

One good thing about starting later in life...most of my time is my own. It's just me and the boyfriend at home, no kids, little family nearby and other than work, no real obligations at night. I've chosen at this point in my life to dedicate most of my free time to my drumming and things i only REALLY want to do. I feel I'm pretty lucky :)


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I don't practice. I may go back and bang around on the drums from time to time but at my age, I don't see the need unless the band learns a new tune.


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At the moment I'm doing about 2-3 hours a day. I have an album recording to get up to speed for so I need to make use of the time I have.