How long do I have to wait?

I just ordered Ludwig Classic Maple drums in black sparkle, Bonham sizes. (everything but the 2nd floor tom)

Since this isn't too exotic of a finish, and the sizes are pretty standard, will it take less time to get here? How long does it usually take for custom drums to be made and shipped?

Tell me about your waiting experiences.



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In 2011,I ordered a 14/16/26 in Red Sparkle CM. The estimate was 3 months. It showed up in 3 WEEKS. Several months later,I ordered an 18" floor tom. The estimate was 3 months and it arrived in 2 months.

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Awesome! Congratulations! I did the same thing a few months back. I am so happy I got these big beautiful Ludwigs.

I waited just about six weeks exactly.

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I expect to wait 8 -12 weeks for an order from Ludwig, based on 6-8 orders over the past 15 years. Sometimes I've been surprised and received some drums in about 7 weeks, but I really didn't care either way. The drum store I order from (Atlanta Pro Percussion) is always reliable and honest about wait times (I love that store and have shopped there since the mid 1980's) - and, Ludwig drums are worth any wait time.