How I can I improve from here?

Hi, I'm a young drummer who has recently joined a band. We went into the studio recently to record a couple of tracks which can be heard here:

I was just wondering if I could get some tips/feedback from some more experienced drummers on how I can improve on the standard I'm at, maybe on how to give the tracks more groove if we were to re-record them etc, all comments welcome!

Thanks to anyone who takes the time out of their day to do this, really appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the songs too (I wrote some of the lyrics!)



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Nice playing-- everything you're doing on Words works fine. The fill leading into and out of the B section could use a little refining-- it doesn't need the heavy accents you're putting on it. At first on Lesser Limits I was wondering if you were struggling with that very unique feel, and it does sound like that a little bit, but what you're doing is actually pretty hip and could work-- I think you just need clean it up and solidify it a bit. After that complex beat on the verses I think something simpler would be more effective on the chorus-- I didn't want to hear another busy beat at that point.

You're going about doing your job with this group the right way; getting better with it will just be a question of doing more playing, more listening, and improving your general skill on the instrument-- just like the rest of us.


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Sounds great to me!

Lesser Limits is a very clever little groove, how did that one come about? I love the shift between the triplet and straight feels, if you're into that kind of thing check out Steve Goulding's drumming on the Elvis Costello track "Watching the Detectives" (the studio version).

Not much in the way of advice to offer really, sounds like you're on the right course.

Hope you're well,

Cheers Kev,

Just had a listen to that track as well, loved it! It's given me a few new ideas, so thanks for that, really appreciate it :)

The groove came about through listening to the drum beats in this dubstep song my friend showed me I think, I kinda took the syncopated feel of the beat and did my own thing with it.

Thanks again for the feedback