How do you save up for gear purchases?


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Funny to see this today, Paypal just upped my limit for the "PayForItLater" thing.

I've used this to good effect, getting 6 months with no interest, then just paying it off at the last minute.

I've decided to use the credit card companies in this manner. LET them give me interest-free time. I'll just use them like they've used me in the past. :)


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I usually put gear purchases way down on the priority list for spending. Heads, sticks, etc. as needed, but I try to buy in bulk during sales and stockpile. I have a huge pile of spare hardware parts to meet most needs. I buy things that are versatile and meet most of my playing needs, last a long time, and can stand up to repeated setups and teardowns. As an example, I have had a few of my cymbals for over 20 years, my Yamahas are coming up on their 20-year anniversary, and I have used the same stands for over 15 years.

Any big purchases (and by big I mean more than $50) are painstakingly researched, and then I comparison shop and get the absolute best price anywhere. Usually a purchase of that kind is a year or two in the making.

Right now our absolute priority is paying off the house and getting a new car for my wife; following that we have some patio furniture, a new TV, and new computers to budget in the next three years. I have learned to accept that no matter all the new and cool stuff on the market, what I own (two sets, about 15 cymbals, three snares) covers all the playing situations I'm likely to be asked to play in my area -- I don't need anything else at the moment. Would I like some more stuff? Sure! But I'm choosing to be patient enough to wait until after these important life and home needs are taken care of. I had my wild spendy days when I was younger and it landed me in dozens of thousands of debt. After paying that off I feel I'm much better off buying wisely and being a good steward of the gear I own.


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Don't buy other stuff.

Actually, I don't buy that much gear anyway. There's usually enough gig money that I can justify pouncing on a snare or cymbal when a killer deal comes along. That is, I use normal money from my Silicon Valley tech job, but rationalize it by saying I got that much in gigs that month which got used to buy gas, lunches and such, so it's a wash. Then I usually sell off something else I'm not using much to make myself feel better about the whole thing.

If I anticipate a major purchase like a new kit (if we end up doing house band for some jam night I'll buy some used $600 shell set so people aren't beating on my D'Amicos) or some PA equipment then I'll consciously reign in my spending on other things so that excess builds up.


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Sell all the stuff I dont need/use and put money aside every week. Also, im single, no kids, only payments I have are my phone bill and rent (I rent out a studio in my parents basement.)
That would be me in about two months. Allows you to save up tons of money eh?


I've got all my "autos" set up - Direct deposit to my bank account from work, and auto bill pay on my car and insurance. My parents are generous enough to let me live at home for free and save up as much as I can. So once my bills are paid, I'll put all but usually $100 from my checking into savings and won't touch it. Eventually it will add up and allow me to make a big purchase. I'm kind of splurging right now though, last week I bought a full set of SKB cases including the large hardware case, and this week I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Black Beauty. I don't usually have urges like this, so I save a lot which allows me to spend big every six months or so.


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In order to save up for more drum gear, I usually deposit all but maybe $20 from my wallet into my checking account, and pack my own lunch for when I'm going to work or class, so that I don't have to buy any food or drinks. Also, when I'm scouting for the gear in the music store, I bury my debit card in the pocket of my wallet that has the most stuff in it. This way, I would have to take everything else out in order to retrieve my card, thus discouraging me from making purchases while I'm just looking around.

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For large purchases, I try to fund it outside if my normal budget by picking up overtime shifts. I had good timing this year because I was able to fund my new Ludwig Classic Maple kit before they cut back overtime shifts. I can pick up the odd stand or used deal on a cymbal here and there without it effecting me too much. But I am happy to say that I am not wanting for much these days. I am very happy with the gear I have. I try to mostly save so that I can jump on the odd great used deals that are things I might like.


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I don't think I spend an inordinate amount on drum gear. I bought a Pork Pie snare drum back in February and justified it to my wife by saying that I was scheduled to receive a bonus in March. I got a Yamaha 740 hi hat stand in January and a Pearl Demonator double bass pedal in June. Both were financed with money I received from working some overtime. I got some drum books with a gift card from Barnes and Noble. Other consumable items (heads, sticks, etc) I purchase as needed.

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My last major purchase came years earlier than anticipated when Yamaha announced they would be discontinuing the Recording Custom series. I dipped into savings for that purchase and bought everything I wanted (last shot to get a piece of history), assorted heads plus some snares. I spent over a year with my residual funds hunting down the snare drums until I located the exact ones I wanted (try to purchase used whenever possible).

But typically I set aside a percentage of my paycheck and keep it separate in a gear fund. I wait for the best possible deals I can find and purchase items by priority. Slow, steady and strategic purchases as opposed to impulsive spending. Only things on my list now besides expendables are two SKB cases and possibly one more snare.


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Sell all the stuff I dont need/use and put money aside every week. Also, im single, no kids, only payments I have are my phone bill and rent (I rent out a studio in my parents basement.)

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I actually got a fresh pricing estimate recently. Looks like they've come down a bit. Only just over 3 grand Aussie for a 26" 13" 16" config now........a veritable steal!!
For 3 Aussie grand i scored a 100th anniversary fab 4 Legacy kit virtually as new, a full set of K Hybrids, stands and stool, traps bag and cymbal bag. be patient and vigilant. I highly recommend not buying anything in Australia.


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I occasionally gig for money. Usually it is freebees. I save all of that money and put it away in a "drummers discretionary fund". I also have a couple of private students and that money also goes in the same fund. This weekend I went to a music store looking for memory locks and wound up buying a 4x10 piccolo snare and a 16" china on a whim. I am dangerous if I have money with me. BTY, never got the memory locks.


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Yeah its a lot. I have a nice job, so does the wife and no kids. Company pays most of my expenses as I am expatriated.
Anyway I have sort of gotten what I need, so I should be scaling down.
Lol, he's a DINK (Double Income No Kids)

My mom said when before she had me life was swell. They used to go on trips and such.

I wish I had money. :(

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I like to buy stuff that I can't afford on credit, and pay interest for it in addition to my sales tax and shipping costs. It's the American Way (?).


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My money automatically switches numbered bank accounts around the world about three times a day. I am notified by proxy where it is and at all times throughout the day should I need access. 512-bit encryption, you know.
Right. Just keep thinking that lol.