How do you mark your stands?



Every night, esp. when your on tour, I know I like to keep my set up exactly the same. How do you mark your stands so you will have them the exact same place every night?


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I use memory locks where possible.
If I can't use a memory lock, then a simple hose clamp is next best thing to mark heights, and even how far to spread a tripod base.

To mark tilter angles, and where a clamp is impractical, I forgot where I got the idea from, but I use a tiny bit of finger nail polish.

Unlike tape, it doesn't come off or leave a sticky residue.
And if you do want to remove it, a small q-tip of finger nail polish will remove it.
Neither the polish nor the remover appears to have any ill affects on the chrome.

I use black nail polish, it's unnoticeable from the audience point of view. I know it sounds crazy, but it works.


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I use a black Sharpie pen to mark stands.
You can also use it on your rug to mark foot locations.
If the marks fade, I simply re-mark them.


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Yep I used to use the old sharpie as well and never had a problem. Just saw a post the other day someone suggested using hose clamps like memory locks which is an interesting idea as well.


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I use a sharpie memory locks, I also have a drum rug that I stenciled out my drum set up on.
I used a thick black permanent marker to trace out were my cymbal stands, floor tom, hi hat,bass drum spurs , snare stand, and tom stand. with memory locks and stand hight's marked with a sharpie and my rug, I get my kit set up in 15 minutes and its the same every time nothing out of position. By marking the rug it makes set very quick.


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will someone please explain to me how memory locks work. i feel like i should know this, i have been playing for 10 years but i have had the same kit for a long time and dont think i have them on my hardware because i use a marker. the picture just looks like your average clamp.

Bo Eder

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Just by looking at the question, I'm surprised no one has responded "with urine".

I kid, of course ;)


I use a label maker to make a 1, 2 and 3 for my floor tom legs, and for the drum itself. I cut out the tiny numbers, and wrap a small piece of clear tape around on the legs at my preferred height level to keep the sticker from going anywhere. On the leg brackets I just stick the numbers somewhere inconspicuous.

Gets the job done and looks neat.

Otherwise my snare stands and cymbal stands are done by memory.