How Do I Upload Pic From My Computer Here?


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I've also used the attachment option, the 'paperclip' in the message window. You have to resize your pic below 1000 x 1000.


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Ahoy, Gdmoore28.

At the top left of the board you'll find, User CP, click on it, which will bring up a list (left-hand side of page).

Scroll down until you see Pictures & Albums (under the Networking subheading).

Click on Pictures & Albums to open an Album. The option to, Add Album, will be present. Issue your Album a name, then click Submit.

You will now be able to upload pictures. Clicking on the Upload Pictures Icon, will transport you to a secondary screen where you will be able to browse your photo library on your desktop/android device.

Once you locate the picture or image of choice, click on Upload Pictures. Once uploaded, select Done.

That's all there is to it.


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I have a number of interesting photos taken on my visit to John Ollis and his incredible buyout of the Gibson/Slingerland/Conway remaining stocks. I'll save my narration until I can figure out how to upload the pics (files) from my computer to the site. When I finally find the "Import Files" section I'm always directed to "mange downloaded items" and that is where confusion sets in for me.

Could somebody please tutor me in how I should proceed with this process?