How do drummers in a big city deal with the space and noise restrictions? Low cost solutions?


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First post (ever on a forum). Here is my problem; I am going to move from the English countryside to central Toronto. I am used to drumming with no Neighbours or space restrictions. I imagine that if I try drumming in a built up area / apartment block I will be thrown out of my accommodation or lynched by everyone within earshot. I'm guessing practice space is expensive in most cases? But obviously there are tons of impoverished inner city drummers that cope quite well. So how do you guys deal with these problems?



Bruce M. Thomson

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Hi, since I live in Toronto I can tell you that there are a few spaces dedicated to drummers only and the rates are about $15 an hour or you can take a block of time. You have to use their kit but you can bring your snare, cymbals etc. I rent a full rehearsal space that I generally use when I am jamming with others but I also will rent it for myself and the owner will ask you to pay what ever you think is fair, the space is usually $60 for 3 hours but when I use by myself I will leave him $15 an hour to be fair. 2 very large rooms available and he has a set of Yamaha's and a set of Premier. Contact me via this site when you get here and I will help out.