How did you start playing drums?


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"Toolate" great story, love it when people get turned onto playing music, I try to get people to play all the time myself, sometimes they do it for a life time...p.s what is your address, I'm coming over to do some construction work for ya!


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I always wanted to give drums a try and at age 45, after seeing and hearing in person a 1966 vintage Ludwig black oyster pearl set the drummer from my brother's Beatles tribute band had just purchsed, I was hooked for life.


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I agree and I love that it was me this time. I have kids 7 and 4 and their friends come over and go into the basement drum dungeon and I am sure some of them, will be getting kits or snares for Christmas based on their reactions and their parents (to drums/drumming). Nothing better than seeing the switch get turned on for someone.

Had a 6 yr old girl who played piano come over for a playdate with my son and they went down to play drums so I went with them. She bashed away for a while and I gave her a basic lesson (count to 4 out loud, kick on 1 and snare on 3) and about 5 minutes later she played a backbeat with 16th note fill (no crash at the end but I forgave her). Her father watched and said it was drums for christmas-huge smile on her face was priceless.

I live in CT so you should probably just go buy yourself a kit instead of the plane tix.

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When I was 16 I had an epic trip, I happened to be listening to Pink Floyd's Echoes and after hearing Masons drumming I 'woke up' determined to be a drummer. I no longer do the drugs, music is my substance now.