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OK, I am in TX and it seems as though summer is already here. Our practice studio is just blazin' hot. We don't have access to the thermometer as it is controlled by the owner. Anyway, we've asked several times to adjust it, etc., etc.
I've got a small floor fan (probably about 8") but it just doesn't cut it.

I need something that will not get torn up while gigging.
I need something fairly small because I don't always get a lot of stage space while out playing.
I need something that will produce some output. Maybe like a 10" metal floor fan?
I've seen a few guys use those velocity blowers too.

What say ye?


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I've been wearing a jacket a lot when I play lately, basement is around 60 degrees and when I come up it takes me a good hour to thaw out if I'm just watching TV. It's promising for when summer really hits, but it's a bit(mu)ch when I need the heat on and there's no vents down there.


I live in England. It's not the temperature that matters - it's the rain.


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I feel your pain, I live in AZ and I've practiced and jammed at some spots with either no AC or really bad AC. You can get one of those in the window AC units, if you got a window, they work great and you could probably find one relatively cheap. Other than that any sort of fan is just gonna be blowing hot air around. I guess just get the biggest one you can find?


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go to sams club & get a BIG one. reminds me of practicing in a windowless, no-AC room in Miami for a reggae band all summer. must have lost 4 pounds per rehearsal !
I live in the Mid Atlantic area and my practice space is pretty comfortable, while im not playing that is. We have an A/C unit in there that is set to 66. However, once I get several songs in, I start sweating. Im the only one in the band who sweats, which I guess makes more sense because I use more muscles than the guitarists. Fortunatly, I have enough space for a generic fan from target, which helps.


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I use a Lasko tower fan. It is great because it is quiet so the mics don't pick it up, comes with a remote and it puts the airflow right on me because it is up high. It is my #1 fan. Probably my only fan too! In TX also.