How can I get a trashy snare sound?


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Do I have to buy certain sound equipment or is there any special heads that are made to have a trashy sound? Or is there a way to tune it to get the sound?

Sorry for the nooby question!


If you mean trashy in the way that a china cymbal can sound trashy, a steel snare drum with no damping would get you a long way. Tune the batter head medium loose, resonant head tight and hit off-center when you play. To reduce snare buzz get a 12-strand snare mat and loosen the 4 lugs surrounding them a little. It'll be like hitting a trash can, but (hopefully) a little more musical.
If you need a shorter decay, add little bits of damping.


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Get a trashy snare drum (mostly steel) and add a trashy heads (old heads) with odd tuning, trashy snare wires (generic) and trashy 1.6 mm triple flanged hoop and you'l get a trashy sound.


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Get some cheap heads and really experiment. I have one snare that I use for recording...I cut the head with a knife, then covered it all with a ton of duct tape, and it sounds awesome for one specific type of sound...kind of a crappy, really dark sound, like "thunk, thunk."


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if you have an old splash, tape it on the head. alot of drum and bass players use this trick for a "trashy" drum sound.