Homemade Drum Shells ?


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Hey Guys ! First i'd like to excuse my average english, I'm a french guy (QC,Canada) but i'll do my best. I'm looking to start a project with my oldest son, building a drum set from scratch ! We both have our own drum sets to play on but he asked me about building one for fun and it seems like a pretty damn good project !! I was wondering if any members here did it before and, if so, i'd like some tips on witch materials to use. I tought about using either : wood but since wood ain't too flexible and dont own many wood crafting tools (I'm pretty much a metal guy and my garage is pretty much filled with welding machines,Pipe bender,sheet bender,metal saws and stuff mostly used for car custom fabrications) & I always hated working with wood for some reason lol, PVC (large pipes cuts), Acrylic (bend it), Plexiglass (seems like pain in the a$$), aluminium (My favorite option so far but have concerns about sounding too ''echo''. Any other ideas ? Any opinions ? I Don't completely remove wood from the list if you guys can guide me.

thanks in advance!!


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Wow - big subject. I can see two viable routes that stand a reasonable chance of producing a working instrument.

1/ If you want a wood kit, but don't like / don't have the facilities to work with wood, buy bare shells & build your kit from that foundation.

2/ Aluminium can produce pleasing results. Of all the metal choices, it produces the driest tone, & the shortest note, but if you're not used to crafting drums (with all the attendant parameters), those characteristics can be your friend.

In either medium, developing the bearing edges is likely to be your biggest challenge. The rest is just marking out, drilling holes, & finishing to taste.