"Hitting drums" for years (No formal training)


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I've had a drum set (Tama Rockstar) for many years. I wanted to actually learn how to play, but never had time, terrible excuse I know, to get lessons. Basically the main purpose of the drum set up until now has been a very good stress reviler.

Although I've had fun with it, my "technique" is complete garbage due to not having a teacher. I have a very tight grip on the sticks with pretty much all 5 fingers on each stick. So no rebound. I also hit very hard. I think this is due to me using mower ear protection, so it sounds more like recorded drums to me when I hit them harder.

My question to you guys, is it possible to fix my horrible technique by myself, or am I going to need a physical teacher to get me into shape? Are there any videos you highly recommend? Any good exercises I can use to fix this?


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A teacher will be the fastest way to go.
The fact that you have been playing with all of these bad habits for all these years when you are aware of where you are lacking shows that you need a teacher.
If you didn't need an instructor you would have fixed most of your issues by yourself years ago.


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my "technique" is complete garbage due to not having a teacher.
Just answered your own question I would have thought.

It's certainly possible to "fix things" yourself. But that entails an understanding of what needs fixing and how to go about it correctly. Given that your issues seem to be ingrained due to a lack of understanding of what was initially required, why make the same mistake twice?

Personally, I'd opt for the teacher. But there's a few good vids out there to supplement that as well. Have a look at Tommy Igoe's 'Great Hands for a Lifetime'. An excellent resourse that you can refer back to for years to come......but no substitute for the grounding developed by a good teacher who can tailor lesson plans to your specific needs, I'm afraid.

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It's like the saying "Better later than never" isn't it? lol

Get yourself a teacher, and assess all these bad habits, work hard at it, and when you'll see the benefit, you'll want more, I'll guarantee it :))