Hi hat cymbal seat?


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what is the purpose of the hi hat cymbal seat adjustment? I've been playing for 20 years and I've never really had it explained to me. What is the purpose of adjusting it to the all the way screwed up position and the flat position? I figure I should probably at some point in time learn this part, lol.


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when cymbals are level, screw out, there is chance of air lock - the 2 cymbals come together symmetrically and pocket of air trapped in there, reducing 'chick'

when you move the screw in, it alters angle of lower cymbal, allowing air to push out one side between the cymbals when closed, with less airlock, better chick


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Skew on the bottom cymbal also makes it "easier" to get a washy sound as the pies touch sooner as you close them. But mostly, it's the lock thing mentioned.


I just like it for ergonomic reasons. If I tilt all the other cymbals on my kit, why not the hats?