Here's a good drum read:


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I just went back to Modern Drummer January 1984 and felt that is was a great issue full of information. I have let my MD subsription lapse for the better part of a decade (maybe more) but have the MD archive and go to it every once in a while.

Papa Jo Jones is the feature and there is a LA studio drummers' round table with Jim Keltner, Shelly Manne, Hal Blaine, Craig Krampf, and Vinnie colaiuta in Part one with Jeff Porcarro and Rick Marotta joining in on part two. A secondary interview with Jackie Santos is there as well. And there is an article about taxes. Rod Morgenstein's approach to odd times is in the Rock 'n' jazz Clinic as well.



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Unfortunately Papa Jo didn't seem to feel like giving up a lot of info that day. But all of those old MDs are great. I had a stack of them on the bus in drum corps days and just read them over and over.

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I still have all the drum magazines I bought since I started drumming, I have hundreds of copies of Modern Drummers, Rythm and Batteur Magazine and a few others as well, I do go back to them from time time, and I read all of them front to back and back again, lol.

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I have 3 plastic totes in my moms basement full of MD magazines stemming from the late 80s up to about 2004

I broke one out recently to find an article that Nelson (plangentmusic) wrote....I should pull out some more

I would love to read this article from that '84 issue.......doubt I have that one


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Some years later they did a 2nd studio round table.

I would love if they would do a follow up, just to see how many of those guys actually even do much studio work anymore.