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So i got a double bass pedal about a year ago and have been working on it since then. Both my feet are pretty fast but when i try to put them together my feet basically like spaz out! Any advice?!


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Go slow.

When I was starting out with a double pedal, I'd set a metronome to a slow speed, and play a 16th note roll smoothly, the slowly increase the speed, making sure I could execute the rolls cleaning.

Search double bass on this forum, there are a number of threads with more advanced advice.


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Just like any other speedy chop you try to pull, you need to start slow and work on symmetry and evenness. Whereas with hands people seem to understand they need to concentrate on sticking and phrasing, they will plop their feet on the double pedals and just assume nervous energy will carry them through.

Start off with slow single alternating strokes, real slow, get them even and as close to sounding the same as you can. Do this with a metronome if possible. Gradually (over the course of days, not minutes) increase the speed. Towards the end of the exercise you can add in hands if you feel comfortable enough. Later as you build speed and precision, you can start transferring rudiments to your feet, again concentrating on "sticking" (footing?)

Just as you can't do everything on the drums when you first get on them, double pedal work takes time and practice. It is deceptively difficult, because how hard should budda-budda-budda be? So start out slow and practice, practice, practice!