Help with wrap!


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Of course :)

It won't be too much going on haha.

But yeah, any help with measurements anyone?


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Thanks for the FYI's

But I'm getting a custom job by a guy who does signage, van decals, cars, etc, etc.


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I can say the stuff on eBay is total CRAP.
Do NOT buy. It's thin, looks cheap as hell, and WILL scratch and get chewed up pretty easily.

The only stuff that is any amount of durable is a stuff offered by Dick Blick (art supply company) and it's called Sparkle Brite.
It's used in industry and films.

Looks great actually, and it's more durable than an oil/satin finish. It's actual glitter under the color. The colors pretty much match dead on with the classic sparkle wrap colors.

It's easy to work with, but, once it's on, it's ON. Having 2 people will make the job easier.

Here is an example of Sparkle Brite in Silver Sparkle:

A friend did a kit in the Red Sparkle. He gave me a piece of that color, and it matches my RS Ludwig color as close as anything could get.

Here's a link.

Good Luck

BTW, the pictured kit is now Black Glitter Glass. After a while, I didn't like the Silver Sparkle any longer. The Sparkle Brite held up fine, and looked really good, just not my color at all.


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Just an FYI here,but if this is that really thin film/wrap stuff you see on ebay...don't waiste you cash.The stuff damages easily its so thin and is very temperature sensitive,and will bubble up if it gets too warm.If you are going to leave your drums in your house,that may not be a problem,but if your going to gig them,its a major issue.But if your mind is made up,just use the same dimentions as the existing wrap on the drums,because the stuff is that thin.Cheers

Steve B


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I have no idea if this is the right place to put this, so please if it's not can a mod move it? :p


I have a Mapex Horizon that I'm having a wrap put onto, over the top of the existing one (like a sticker really).

I want to get the height and length correct for each drum, but I don't know if my initial calculations are correct or not, and also where I have to leave allowances for bleed, stretch, lugs, etc.

My sizes are:
(2x) 1 X 22" x 18" Bass Drum
1 X 8" x 6" Rack Tom
1 X 10" x 8" Rack Tom
(2x) 1 X 12" x 9" Rack Tom
1 X 13" X 10" Rack Tom
1 X 14" x 14" Floor Tom
1 X 16" X 16" Floor Tom

I think I may leave the basses if they look wrong with the wrap, but yeah.

Any help would be very appreciated!