Help with some Vintage Ludwigs


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Hey guys,
I've read posts here for years, but I'm a brand new member. I was looking for some help with purchasing a vintage kit. I play Truth Drums now, but wanted to own an older vintage kit and enjoy playing it. But I don't know a whole lot about these sets and exactly what to look for, and was wondering if you guys could check out the drums in question and give me a little feedback. I feel like it's a great set but anything you know about these drums would be much appreciated! Thanks a ton!

Here's the link:


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Nothing wrong with them as drums...they probably sound great! Collectors might not touch them because of several factors: the badges are peeling up, the wrap color is a flat color (I don't even know if that's an original can look it up on vintage drum guide), the "uncertainty" of it being 3-ply...

Seems like a good deal on a sweet set of tubs. It will probably jump in price the last couple of days of the auction. If you don't end up going for this set of drums, don't underestimate the Ludwig Standards...same shells, but different hardware. I'd imagine that this particular set won't sell for much.


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at the current price its a steal. it doesn't say floor tom legs are included which you might wanna ask about, as well as pics of the cases.around $500. is what i would pay for a first time older kit (taking shipping in consideration) can probibly be resold at $600-$700.

looks to be in overall great condition for its age. the snare alone is sought after and looks like it has the original snare wires.

the badge lifting can be a problem as the reason they switched to rounded corner badges is because cloths were snagging on the sharp corners.

it is a early 3 ply which should be maple shells. i don't have my books handy to look it up. they would sometimes use 3 ply shells and cover the inside with the granatone speckle paint.

looking at the other auctions it looks to be a music store. so the kit is either personally owned or used for lessons as the pics look like its in someone's room. that also means they probibly don't have alot on money in it.


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Looks like a nice kit. If it stayed at that price I'd jump on it if you're really interested.

Why does "everyone" put 5 1/2" on Ludwig snares?....jeeze.
They get other sizes right, and do that. See it all the time.

Just bugs me.... :-/


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Why does "everyone" put 5 1/2" on Ludwig snares?....jeeze.
They get other sizes right, and do that. See it all the time.
This guy got the bass drum size wrong, also. He call's it 22x17 (obviously measuring the hoops) ... shell size would be 22x14.​
Yeah, reinforcement rings in the picture, that's the 3 ply shell (maple, poplar, maple) ... has the flange, for the 12 and 13 rack toms ... looks pretty much "all" correct.​
Don't be shocked if the selling price triples what it is, now ...​


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Those 3 ply maple shells sound amazing and have a broad tuning range.Those drums sound like cannons,and are really punchy.With the Supraphonic snare,a good deal if it stays under 700.Cases are a plus too.I would ask again about the hardware,and cymbals pictured with the drums.

Some say that those particular 3 ply maple shells were the best sounding Ludwig ever made.Good luck.

Steve B