Help us chose a Mapex MyDentity Kit. Let's have some fun.

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Hey guys - I'm going to order a MyDentity kit for our shop in a few hours. Help us pic the color scheme. Let me know what you think.

Color Scheme #1, #2, #3, or your own design. Whatcha think??

Personally, I'm found of #1.

If you want to design your own, go to:



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I'd go with #1's finish but #3's sizes.

What do I think? I think that the drums look like they're on the same level as the Horizion kits...
Lets know how the sound when you get them!



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I like #1, but that's mainly because I don't like non-chrome hardware, and I like 2 up. The wrap is ok...

But, for your purposes (floor demo, making sales), I guess I'd go with #2 because it is far less obnoxious than #3, but still has a "custom" look to it (that #1 kinda lacks).

If you have a spare PC, you may want to have one setup next to the kit pointed to the Mapex designer site to allow people to see the options available.

Just Drums

Silver Member far...the Camo scheme (not worried about sizes and set up) is getting the most attention. I'm a sucker for Pearls which is why I lean towards #1.....


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Good Lord. With all due respect, I think the first one is hideous.
And the other two aren't anything really nice either.

But hey, that's just my opinion. If I were you I'd go for something like a gold sparkle, tangerine glass, white marine pearl.. IDK, they have a lot of really nice wraps.



For me:

  • #1 is hard to look at - reminds me of vomit in a way (not being snarky)
  • #2 is fun and my favorite of the 3 - invokes Ted Nugent
  • #3 is ok - if you're playing big band or rockabilly, that color works even better as it has a 67 T-bird, old school vibe


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If you pick the camo finish, then I'd recommend going with the matching khaki hardware.

I'm kind of partial to the Brushed Grey Steel finish with the Dark Blue hardware.


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I'm partial to #3, due to sharing colors with my beloved UNC Tarheels, who just whipped some Duke Blue Devil ass Saturday evening...! GO HEELS!

I realize the non-US folks here may not know what I'm talking about, but anyone here who's into sports at all knows that UNC/Duke basketball is the greatest rivalry in college sports; maybe in sports, period. Shane, are you a UVA or VT fan?


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My favourite would be #3, I think blue and white is hot. My ideal colour scheme in fact. #1 looks like vomit/raw fish, #2 is tacky but at least it highlights the whole custom factor.

Would they let you build a kit with a different finish on each drum? I don't see why not, given you're selling their product.

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I agree. Number 3 looks the best from those three. I went to their site and my favorite was the dark blue brushed metal finish with chrome hardware. I'm just wondering what kind of hoops these things are being sold with.


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Looking at those pics I've learned that I'd never like to have a camo finish on drums. The other 2 finishes look better to me but could be more intense in colour, seem a bit pale.


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Out of the three I like 1 the best.
But then again I'm not a kid so I know that the kids would like something else :)

I think that young girls would like number 3.


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Sticks must be hating life right now :) What I wouldn't give for one of his quips right now...

I formerly liked the blue turquoise but now seeing it, I don't. Don't really like any of the choices, but I like #1 the least. (Camoflauge?? For the Operation Desert Storm drummer I guess..)

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I ended up going with a semi-safe color scheme and config. Winter Camo and Chrome Hardware. 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 16x14, 14x6.