Help to ID Yamaha Kit


Can anyone tell what type of kit this is? This guy has them for sale for $250 (CDN); I was thinking of offering him $100 or so. I am looking for a re-wrap project. He says he has had them for about 10 years but they appear to be quite a bit older than that.

I am not expecting to find a garage sale diamond in the rough kind of thing; I am pretty sure they have little value. I just sort of like the smaller jazz/bebop sizes and the hardware appears to be in ok condition. I am really just looking for a winter project (it's freezing in Winnipeg!).

Because the original wrap is already falling off, if the shells are in good condition I thought it might make a neat little kit if I re-did it in a nice Ringo pearl wrap or something. I am guessing it is a beginner kit - birch/basswood or something. The hardware/pedal are garbage so I am pretty sure the shells are nothing special. But I like the lug style, the mufflers on the toms and the old school tom depth.

The badges aren't too clear in the pix but if anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated.

Happy New Year. Thanks.



I just got back from seeing them. The guy knows absolutely nothing about drums but is convinced that the major cracks/missing pieces in the wrap don't diminish their value and that the 30 year old hardware is awesome. I offered him $100 but he won't budge from $250.

This is close to the badge that is on the drums. However, it says "Made in Japan" and then "Nippon Gakkei" (or something...).

It is a 20" kick, 12/13/14 toms and a chrome snare. Hardware is old school - lever action pedals and thin tubes on the stands. However, the hi-hat and bass drum appear quite beefy for a kit that age, so I am wondering if in fact this is a "diamond in the rough", perhaps an intermediate level kit when it was new. The hoops/chrome are in alright shape, but in need of a polish/scrub.

I am not an expert at naming wood types, but through the cracks in the finish, the shells were nice and smooth and were darker than what I would expect birch or basswood to be. I think they may be maple (all the drums had coated heads top and bottom so I couldn't get a look at the insides). Because the wrap is held on by the hardware, there is no glue/tape residue so I think a re-wrap would make a huge difference.

What do you guys think: Is this a hidden treasure worth his $250, or should I stick it out and bug him in a few days if no one else takes it? Or is it even worth my $100 and time+$ to re-wrap it?

If anyone knows of a Yamaha badge guide/resource I would be very grateful.



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I passed this info on to the Yamaha forum. Someone there should get back to me on this...I hope


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late 60's kit . Actually , these drums sound very good IMO . They were Yamaha's best drums at that time . These were the days before the YD9000s in the mid 70's when Yamaha really took off and made world class drums and hardware .


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This is from Yamaha Product Mgr.

That's a Yamaha kit from the 60's, maybe around 1967. It's a birch kit, we have one here that I had at the Hollywood Vintage Show. nice drums......