help planning trip in Brazil, following the music


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hey everybody
my name is Y'honatan, i'm 22 from Israel.

i'll try to make the background short. i've been travelling south america now for 2 1/2 months. uptil now i've been in the south of Chile and Argentina.amazing nature and some great cities. whoever needs tips is welcme to ask. i arrived at Brazil a few days ago for the Carnaval. it has been amazing. heaven for drummers.

anyway, here i've gotten this crazy idea, to totally change the direction of my trip, and instead of continuing to Bolivia and Peru, to stay here in Brazil for the rest of my trip, and explore the Brazilian music.

for this purpose i have 1 month. i know this is not much, but it can be alot. i'm looking for:
a. recommendtions for where to go in brazil to listen to good ethnic and modern brazilian and latin music
b. teachers who can teach me all about the different types of brazilian and latin music, the different percussion instruments and how to play them. i could even stay in one place for the entire month just studying with this teacher.

i've been playing the drumset for a year and a half, studied for about a year with a teacher in israel. i have no experience with percusson instruments, besides this Djembe that i got in Argentina because i missed my drums so much.

you can reply here, private message, or by e-mail

thanks very much in advance.


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There are basically two main centers of music in Brazil, Rio, and Salvador da Bahia. Bahia is considered the center of all afro-brazillian music, kind of like our New Orleans, while Rio is the more modern "new york city" melting pot, sophisticated urban center. Many of the styles in Rio emigrated from salvador when blacks went to rio looking for work. Robertinho Silva has a school of music somewhere around rio, I would suggest checking there as well as contacting chuck silverman who has his own webpage and often leads musical trips for drummers to brazil.

Enjoy, and share with us your experiences! I have long wanted to travel to Brazil with the specific intent of studying music there.

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I got your PM, I've been living in Rio De Janeiro Brazil for nearly 6 years now. If you want to hear authentic Brazilian music, I highly recommend you go to Bahia. Rio is very pop oriented now, there are young teenagers in Rio today that have never heard of Thom Jobim, who wrote the song Girl from Ipanema. Bossa Nova and Samba isn't so popular in Brazil anymore.
I don't want to scare you, but most Brazilian cities are extremely dangerous. NEVER go out alone at night and most importantly, NEVER go to a beach alone, you'll be a open target for robbery assault.
Learn Portuguese as much as you can and don't always trust the Police either.
Good luck and let me know how it goes.


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First, I'm sorry for my english!
Brazil is too big!!
But I hope I can help you!

A place you must go: Bahia, (maybe Salvador city).
They say that Bahia is the "birthplace" of brazillian music.
In Salvador you find , for example, the "Olodum", a famous percussion group.
In Salvador, and in some other cities of Bahia, you can find some "ethnic and modern" brazilian musics too.

We have african influences in a big part of our music.
So, about knowing rithms, it's the better we have: bossa nova, samba, baiao, maracatu, and some others. In Bahia you must find more musical styles in one place.

But we have the modern music too.
If you want to know many kinds of music in one city, you can go to São Paulo.
It's the biggest brazilian city. There you can see more of the modern music. Like the brazillian pop rock, rock, punk, brazillian funk (but it's not similar to the real funk).
You can find funk in Rio de Janeiro, but "funk" it's not too rich kind os music.

I'll try to get more informations about the places you must go in Salvador, or other places.

Good Luck!
I hope you enjoy our country.

(the big brazilian cities are not too safe. if you are alone, it's better you don't listen to some people that come to you to sell things. It's not too dangerous, but it's good you have caution.)


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thanks everybody for the replies!
i am now in Sao Paulo, just for one day. tomorrow i'll be leaving for Rio de Janeiro for the ending parade of the Carnaval. i recieved some good contacts in Rio to get in touch with, and we'll see where it goes from there. also i will definately be visiting Salvador.

i still don't know if i'll stay here in brazil for the rest of my trip, or maybe i'll continue as i originally planned, and come back later especially. i guess the following week will give me some answers.


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anyway, here i've gotten this crazy idea, to totally change the direction of my trip, and instead of continuing to Bolivia and Peru, to stay here in Brazil for the rest of my trip, and explore the Brazilian music.
I'm majorly jealous!! :) Many years ago I had the privilege to visit Rio De Janeiro. Through many strokes of luck, I was able to spend a lot of time with a couple of locals who could show me local pubs, open air parties, etc., that tourists would never find. I fell in love with the music there. One thing to keep in mind, Brazil is the size of the continental United States, which means there are many, many, many regions with their own musical roots. Bahia as mentioned by others I've learned since being there is a good start, but far from the end. There are African roots to be found, Hispanic roots, Chinese roots, Portuguese roots, and native Indian roots just as a start. The styles within those are numerous. Enjoy, but just know that in a month you'll only experience a small segment of what there is to be experienced.

Danado de Bom (hope I spelled that correctly - "Is damn good!")
Bon Noite~

...and its a little cliche, but you can visit the club on Ipanema Beach where the famous song was inspired if you get to Rio itself.
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hi friends, good morning to you :)

I am working with two friends in Sao Paulo, Brasil to offer a two week program (with option to just go for one week). We are working on curriculum right now which will focus on Brazilian percussion and drum set and will encompass many Brazilian rhythms. After we figure out about lodging (hotel) we will have a price and dates. I am trying to get this together for Summer '09, which is approaching rapidly.

Please do write with your questions, comments, suggestions.

Thanks for your interest, as always!