Help needed with unknown notation/other stuff

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Hey, so I am learning Rebirthing by Skillet, and I am in need of help.

To understand problems better click/copyandpaste this link:

Problem/ Question 1. The piece requires a a ride a crash a hi-hat a snare, hi tom, low tom floor tom, a hi bass drum and a low bass drum. I have a crash, hi low and floor toms, hi bass drum hi-hat and snare. (dont have ride or low bass) Anyone have advice as to how to improvise? theres no way my parents would buy me that, and, being in 7th grade, no way to buy it myself

Also, I dont know what the low bass is played with (pedal or stick?), and dont know how i could do 32nd notes on two different drums while still holding down hihat. Also some technique for stuff like that on one drum would be helpful

Problem/ Question 2: How do you play a part with a 1 measure repeat sign if there is another note above the sign, likely to be played at same time, though i dont know if it is...? (see measure 21 of music at link)

3. What does the note at previously mentioned part mean? (crash with circle around it, but at crash pitch)

Thanks for the help!! :)
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