Help needed for University Project


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heres one that comes to mind

in '08 while on tour with a band I was in at the time .......we finished the gig that night was late.....we loaded the gear into the trailer and got in the van for about a 5 hour drive to the next gig......on this particular night we just happened to be riding behind the band we were touring with the whole way .....

after about 3 hours of highway driving we get a call from one of the guys in the other band saying since it was around 4 AM they were going to pull into a rest stop and sleep and finish the ride in daylight.....we agreed and pulled off with them

we get to the rest stop....I jump out of the drivers seat and go the the trailer to grab my bag to get something out of it .....and the trailer door is wide open

wide friggin open.....for 3 hours on the highway with the lock resting in the hole of the open door

my heart sunk and I immediately jumped in to see what was missing

miraculously nothing fell was amazing

everything from the totes holding merch, my rug that was just rolled up and placed loosely on top of the gear to the T shirt display for the merch that was just places on the inside of the trailer door

funniest part was I was standing there in shock looking at the opened guitar player came around the back ....we looked at each other ....and he says.....we will never speak of this again

we laughed and put the lock on the trailer

it was strange because I always ......ALWAYS do the idiot check....I am the king of the double idiot check

guess we were all just worn out from the road


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During a High School Jazz Band tour I was playing a blue rum set. During the part of the show where the kids (preschool - 8th grade), a young kid (I am assuming kindergarten) asked if the drum set was blue. We had a nice laugh and the director explained how drum sets come in different sizes and colors.


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I actually started my own book from all my stories. Never finished, but how much will you pay for these stories?
Or are you just trying to exploit us like every other facet of the industry does already?


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I’m starting a new project for a university brief and I’m looking for some help gathering information and photos for a book I’m designing. I think it’s a well known fact that drummers are never the ones who get much attention from fans, as it’s normally the vocalists or guitarists in a band who benefit from being at the front of the stage. Ironically, I think it’s the drummers in a band that are the craziest and always seem to have great stories whether it’s from solo practice, band practice, or from touring.

Basically, I want to know the most memorable stories that people have experienced, whether it’s about a van breaking down on tour, people forgetting crucial equipment at gigs, equipment breaking... any memorable experience. I’m also open to stories from other band members, so don’t feel excluded just because you’re not a drummer.

Anything else you feel could contribute would be great. For example, personal attachments to your own kit, things you like to do differently to other drummers, certain brands you prefer, maybe you’ve had certain equipment break and have had to tape it back together? Anything.

Photos to sit alongside your stories would also be much appreciated where possible.

Thanks in advance for any replies I may get.