Help me Decide - Please!


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What would you get next? I have roughly $300 give or take a few.. I want to get the next thing(s) that makes sense.. which of these items or combinations would you get next?

19" K Custom Hybrid - $324 or other China that works well with Heavy Rock, Classic Rock, Bluesy
Gibralter Rack System for Current Setup - $300
Roc -N- Soc Throne - $170
Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi Hat stand - $199
20" A Custom Crash (Currently have 17" and 19") or do I mix it up and get a K or Avedis - $290
Drum Dial - $60
Kick Port - $50
Or other?

I have money to spend and not sure what would best suit be going forward..My current setup actually works great.. but since the wife will let me buy more .. I will.. use it or lose it kinda deal.


Current seup:
Basic Kit:
Tama Starclassic Performer B\B - Indigo Burst
Tama Warlord Masai Snare
Pearl Powershift Eliminator Pedals
Tama Hardware

10" Avedis Splash
15" New Beat Hi-Hats
17" A Custom Crash
19" A Custom Crash
20" Wuhan China (meh..good thing it was only $60)
22" Paiste Signature Reflector Bell Ride
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Don't spend just to spend if your "current setup works great". Save more cash for when you do know what you really want.

Or... (and this is an investment, remember that)

You could take that money and do something nice for her with it and make sure she knows that you spent YOUR DRUM MONEY on her instead because she means so much to you, blah blah blah. It may work out into something even nicer for you in the future. This is assuming that she is an appreciative person.

Edit: All joking aside, while there is truth to the "investment" thing, it really would be a sweet gesture. Think how you'd feel if you let her go shoe shopping and she came back with a new snare!


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Great Ideas from both of you.. Thanks!

@ Devils Haircut - Wifey getting me a GC to Guitar Center. I actually did consider your idea of taking her out.. but she actually gets that treatment a fair bit.

My first though is actually the Drum Rack. I constantly go between 1 up top and two on the floor and 2 up top and 2 down and get tired of moving my stand around for it. i thought the Rack would make that faster and easier. The China sounds terrible in my opinion, so I thought I'd swap it.

Now that being said.. i have also considered a Mic kit so I can tinnker with recording one day and even a PA System so my friends can come over to play more easily.. which is not a toy for me.. but an investment in my musical future overall.

@ Mad About Drums - I have not recently considered this.. but it is a REALLY good idea that I had thought of in the past. I am not that great a drummer yet to consider getting fancy yet.. BUT.. it still would provide value in the future as I do hope to be there someday!

Thank you both for the great reccomendations!


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Seems like your good to go as it is.

I would opt with the throne and drum dial. but $170 seems high for something you're just putting your butt on, unless you're practicing and gigging like crazy...


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I'd get the throne if your current one is not of comparable same quality. You are in direct contact with your throne far more than any other piece of equipment, including sticks. It should be as high quality and comfortable as possible.

Roc-n-Soc, aside from being comfortable, also absorb farts better than cheap, pleather thrones.

Mad About Drums

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$170 seems high for something you're just putting your butt on...
Well the throne is very often thought as not being an actual "accessory" to the drum kit, while cymbals, pedals or extra toms and stands are considered "proper" accessories.

However, to me, the throne is probably the most important item of a drumset, it has to support the heaviest part of the drumkit: the drummer! It also has to provide confortable support and being ergonomicably suitable for the drummer. A good seat is the basic foundation of a drummer.

We should invest in the best possible throne.

When you think that some drummer spend $200 on a cymbal stand while they are seating on a $40 throne that is struggling to support their weight, I don't get it.