Help! Lost Drum!


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Hi Guys!

Long story short I am looking for some direction as I have never done this before. The classified section seems to be for people selling so I didn't want to post there so please let me know if that is the best place...

I have a Tama Superstar Custom Hyperdrive with Dark Desert Burst and my 12" was stolen, lost or whatever. It was either taken out of the truck at a gas station or fell out on the highway. Anyway, I need to replace it.

I live in DC and Washington Music is the best place ever. They helped me look up what I needed but unfortunately they aren't made by Tama any longer.

Anyone know of the best places to look with the hopes of getting lucky?


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It will unfortunately be tough to just find the one drum. With luck, you might run across a complete set. Only the usual places to check: eBay, Clist, guitar center used gear, etc. Visit pawn shops (long shot given low drum inventory) and places that deal in used gear like Atomic Music (one in Beltsville near you).


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Sorry to hear about this!

Are you on the Tama forum? I know they have a tight knit community and if anyone might have one for sale that is the best place to check!

Good luck!