help i'm falling off my drum throne


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I haven't been around much but it always feels good to be here, sometime in the past i said i keep having this feeling that i'm going to fall off the throne to the left side. i bought a better throne, same deal.

my psychiatrist(i'm bipolar and i don't like it)walks behind me on the way to his office and one day he said phil you're listing to the left. get an mri(check for lesions on the brain---brain damage. my brain was ok, sorta.
btw if you've ever had an mri it is LOUD, at least the one of the brain is they give you earplugs.
i like researching drugs and anything related.

i take seroquel, a butt kicking antipsychotic--i'm getting off of it. there's a rare condition caused by antipsychotics called pisa syndrome after the leaning tower of pisa.
my torso is twisted which somehow makes me lean to the left from the waist up. i don't think it's real noticeable but if you do an image search on pisa syndrome you can see how bad it can get. my doc had never heard of it--that's why i do my own digging around. i take a second pill for pain. it turns into a cramp, bad cramp, across my lower back. i mean,you weren't really thinking about a shower were you?

i pray for those of us with mental illness. if you fancy praying for me....

this disease of the brain is very hard to live with. i have to ask friends if i manic or depressed because i don't always know.

i had to move to an apt so no drums. this disease takes away so much. it's for life.

I was here recently and may have snapped at someone, gunder? i apologize.

i have been ok but i feel a lot of sadness now. there are a lot of cool people here and i miss pounding on the drums. it ain't over till it's over. like the inagoddadavida drum solo. boom boom chick booom boom chik, repeat.

thanks for being so cool to me. you don't know how much it means.

drum for me and kick it!! maybe i'll take oboe lessons. now for a rocking solo, phil on oboe. sqeak, honk, squak. bagpipe solo. run it mister.

a friend told me he wanted bagpipes at his funeral. i told him to let someone know to tell me when the service is over, i'll visit. no kilt.



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Hi Phil, sorry to read about the trouble. Would they let you have e-drums? that would be a solution.