Help identify this mapex snare

Alright today i got the rare chance to head to nearest drum shop/pawn shop. I was looking to upgrade hats and snare(13" zbts and a pearl masters custom...not so much an upgrade as looking for a different sound, don't like the thin shell) I found some hats i liked but couldn't afford them just on trade-in and current funds so i was gonna have to trade my snare for a cheaper one. I'd tried out a good amount of the snares earlier and one that caught my attention was a 6.5x 14 mapex(not black panther). We still wound up not reaching a deal, but i would like to know if it's one i should pursue later. The main problem with the snare was that it didn't have a series name, nor did it tell what wood it was. he had it priced at $130(though he doesn't know what he has part of the time anyway). So based on the info i can provide i'm hoping someone will recognize it and be able to tell wether or not to jump on it when i have the money. It was a solid black wrap, the badge was rectangular and brassy, with the mapex planet logo. The wood looked too light to be mahogany and sounded like either maple or maybe REALLY well tuned poplar, which is unlikely because the batter head was well..battered, yet it sounded good. Around 8-10 bowtie-esque lugs. Looked to be(or at least the thickness of) 10-12 plies, and based on the grain may well have been stave. Any ideas?