Help figuring out warm, sweet ride cymbal in this song


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Hello, first post here.

I have been looking for a ride such as in the song Miss Misery by Elliot Smith - very warm and sweet sounding. (I've heard it in lots of other songs of course). If you listen - try to find a high quality recording (some on the internet, youtube don't do it justice)

Having done hundreds of recordings to tape, digital, with various microphones and utilizing different eq and compression, I realize one can manipulate a sound - that being said, can anyone point to a ride cymbal that embodies this general sound?

Right now I use a Zildjian 20 K heavy ride, which sounds nice, but I'm looking for a sound such as in this song. I have heard samples of a Paiste 602 ride which sound close.

Any recommendations of ride cymbals sounding anything like this?