Help choosing best most comfortable drum throne/stool


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Hi drummers! With Christmas approaching I thought I’d treat myself to a new throne as my current one was kindly donated to me but it wobbles, moves, feels like a brick and is incredibly low! After some research I narrowed it down.

Dw 5000 series round throne- £89-

Gibraltar 9608 round throne- £81-

Pearl d-930 round throne- £84-

Mapex t570 round throne- £54-

This will be for home use only and I am looking for comfort and ease of pedal use. My budget is strictly at that mark, as I consider it quite high for a chair! However I will get a lot of use out of it because I play guitar too. How does my budget option compare? What is memory foam in the pearl throne like? Which do you recommend overall? Thanks guys, any response is appreciated,


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I have the Dw one its nice.
I also have that pearl 930, not so nice, the height adjustment clamp wore out so it slides, and I'm not heavy.

Wave Deckel

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The Gibraltar is really really good for the money. Lasts, rock stable and very comfortable even for hours of gigging, with good hardware solutions. I use it since quite a time extensively and it's - hands down - the best throne in that pricerange in my opinion. The only better throne that I can think of is a Tama 1st chair but it is also more expensive.


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Either the DW or Gibraltar.

Both have the threaded spindle on the centre shaft. It's a far better design in the long run as the shaft won't slip. Over tightening the collar to avoid the shaft from sliding is a common issue with seats that have a smooth shaft. This causes threads to strip long before they should. The threaded spindle will give you more longevity.


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Ok thanks for replies guys, it will be between the Gibraltar and the dw then. Which will be more comfortable? Is there anything in particular I should look to differentiate them?


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I own the Gibraltar (different seat top, but same base) and I'll happily vouch for it. The thing is built like a tank. I've had it for 6 or 7 years now and it's as sturdy and reliable as the day I bought it.

No experience with any of the others.


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Thanks guys, think I’ll go with the Gibraltar £10 cheaper too! I appreciate the hardware is better on it, but do you think it will be similar coushin comfort to the dw too? Thanks


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If it is staying in one place I'd suggest a height-adjustable piano/artist's bench.

It's stable, comfortable, and gives great support. And at about $100 is usually cheaper than most high-end drum thrones.

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I have DW, Pearl, and Roc n Soc thrones. After a certain price point they’re all good. You just want the spindle height adjustment and the ability to lock it so it doesn’t start spinning on you. The Pearl is actually cool because it has a memory lock on the seat top to keep it from spinning.


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Gibraltar 9608 OS (2T) Saddle Throne.

Never imagined how comfortable a drum throne could be until I purchased this one!


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By the way, I went through a lot of different options, but I haven’t yet found the ideal one for home play. It is a pity that you can not just sit on soft furniture and make music with comfort)
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I've only sat on one DW throne and it was too hard for me. I own a Gibraltar (it's the tractor-style seat though), and I sit through 2-3 hour practices every week on it.
You didn't mention my favourite throne, the Tama HT750BC Ergo Rider Hydraulic. It's by far the greatest improvement in terms of equipment I ever made. It isn't cheap, but worth every cent.


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Roc-N-Soc Nitro with backrest is the most comfortable I've used. I'd really like to upgrade mine to the tall base, at 6'3" I use the regular base at max height.

OCDP memory foam round top may be the second most comfortable I've used. It's similar to the Pork Pie mem. foam throne but cheaper.


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I own both the Roc-n-Soc Lunar Nitro with backrest (my home station throne) and the Gibraltar 9608-2T (road throne). I would seriously recommend either. If you decide to get a Roc-n-Soc but gig a lot, make sure you get a tripod version. The Lunar was a pain to drag around town and try and fit in the car, as the base isn't designed to disassemble - which led to me buying the Gibraltar.