HELP! Am I right about recording this way?


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Hey guys!

Sorry for a newb question, but my band and i are looking for a cheap option to record.

so, what i plan on doing is to avoid Mics altogether,instead, im looking to trigger all my pieces of the kit and run them into Addictive Drums to record :)
im just not sure if this is the right thing and if it will work.

so i would have:

Triggers==> into Drum Module==> from module to USB-MIDI Interface==>into PC then record.

is it as simple as that? or am i missing something??
also, will latency be an issue? cause i have a good soundcard PC wise, but will it lag?

also one other thing....

these two prducts

1- is just MIDI to USB straight through. cheap off ebay

2-is MIDI to Box Controller thing?? to USB. and upto $90AUD in music shops

what the difference between them and is there one i should get? im guessing more $$ means better quality take and less latency?

anyway, thanks very much for all help in advance, and hopefully i can get some tracks down soon and put them up here!



Bo Eder

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Seems like it would work. You just have to be sure the trigger-to-midi converter can work fast enough. If you do any kind of nuance playing (ghost notes, etc.,...) those might not get picked up, and even if they do, your drum module might not be able to react to them, either.

Sometimes I think a good stereo recorder, llike the Zoom H2 (for audio only), or the Zoom Q3 (great audio, bad video) might be easier to deal with.


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Yes, that will work.

Yes, there will be some latency. How much depends on your set up. It may not even be noticeable. But any midi trigger has at least a few micro seconds of latency.