Heel toe with the mapex falcon?


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I use the heel toe technique. I just ordered a mapex falcon double pedal. I know that the pedal boards are slimmer in width them most other pedals pedal boards. So im wondering if anyone that has the falcon, or has played with it, thinks that this slimmer pedal board will effect my ability to play heel toe effectively on it?

I have not played on the pedal yet. So thats why im asking.


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Why order a pedal you haven't played?

Every instructional vid I've seen on the heel-toe technique has one common denominator. Those that can play it proficiently always state that the technique can be used on ANY pedal....shortboard, longboard, direct drive, chain drive (even a thin board Mapex Falcon)....it doesn't matter to them. Scour through youtube and check out those who have got it down....they all say the same thing.
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Wow, that's an awful risk my friend!

Like pocket said, I'm sure you'll be able to play heel-toe on it, but it'll just be a matter of getting used to a new pedal. What pedals were you using before?