anyone deal with hecklers before? i did a few times. in my old band, we would play shows in the basement of a local pizza place. it was known for having sketchy folks and scumbags hang out there, and the staff were total assholes. it was the only free place for all ages, so it was good for exposure. my guitar player was doing a solo, a david gilmour thing (since it was a big 6/8 rocking thing). this guy comes up during the song and starts talking shit to him. this is the nicest kid i know, and the crowd was going wild. he then starts doing the jack off gesture to him. when we ended the song, he's still there, so i go to the mic and say, "sir, you there, come to the front again." he says nothing, then i say "come on, front and center.......oh now you shut up? you only talk shit when the other guy can't do anything about it, you big pussy?" he then starts "but.....yeah...your guitar player is ripping off pink floyd." ppl start to booing him, and i say "well no one here is giving you shit for ripping off boy george's wardrobe!" (he was wearing a vest and bowler hat) ppl start cracking up. he then comes running to the stage, screaming "you're fucked!!!" to which i step out of his way and extend my leg, he trips and we toss him out the nearby back stage door. i then say, "don't talk shit if you're afraid to eat it!" people were cheering and we had an amazing rest of the show. anyone else have a good heckler story?
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Hah, nice one. You seen Jimmy Carr dealing with hecklers on youtube? It's a must watch!

Speaking for my self. I haven't had any hecklers yet, but seeing that the blues band I'm playing in is going to play a lot of concerts at pubs, parties and such(where a lot of alcohol is present), this will maybe be of use to me(and the band) :p


I have to say that I'm usually the one heckling!


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also see Bill Burr take on the entire town of Philadelphia at you tube. he bravely stands there taking on all comers and egging them on, while constantly checking with the time keeper to see how much time he has left....seven minutes ? then he launches into another anti-Philidelphia tirade....how much time left ? four minutes ? and another thing about Philadelphia.......

it's a beautiful thing to watch. unfortunately neither the audio nor video is very good, but you'll get the idea.



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My one heckler story isn't anything much. We had a couple of drunk young dudes up front at this show in Antwerp a couple of years ago, making a lot of noise in between tunes about us being Americans and other random crap. We had had a way too late night after a really great gig in Aachen, Germany the day before, and were a little slow and cranky. My saxophonist was getting a little agitated, and had famously headbutted someone in a dispute not too long before, so I was a little nervous that he was going get into something with them. I calmly and politely (outwardly, anyway) went up to talk to them after the set and the first thing the guy says is "don't hit me." I don't remember what I said, but it wasn't anything much- I didn't contribute to the fun they were having by being real confrontational, and they left shortly afterwards.


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Just offer up your sticks and guitar to see if they want to get up and show you how it's done. The answer will be as expected.


My band plays a weird combination of funk / jazz / dance music and we travel quite a bit around the midwest, playing in new bars & clubs, sometimes not knowing what we were getting into. Our music is mostly instrumental and oriented towards a dance crowd.

That being said, we've played plenty of shows in towns we've never been to where we have random people yelling: 'PLAY SOMETHING WITH WORDS' or 'DON'T YOU GUYS KNOW ANY REGULAR MUSIC?' - It's annoying and discouraging, but I've learned to have fun and realize that I'm the one doing my thing expressing myself, so I need to mentally be on top of things. Which means there's no room to let a heckler get to you. You owe it to your music to concentrate on what you're doing.

The crowds that do enjoy my bands music are soo next level, the people who heckle us have no idea what a real show is all about. :)


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We were heckled in a good way. Well...great way actually. We were playing in a dive by a local university, the kind where people go for a few drinks and to get loose before they go off someplace else, or a bunch of guys have nothing better to do on a Friday or Saturday night and go there to drink and shoot pool.

The place had two bar stations, one by the pool tables and one down a 1/2 flight of stairs. We were setting up in the middle. The female bartender stationed at the bar near us was a bit older than college age and was wearing some really tight and short cutoffs. She was carrying beer cases and other stuff to her station. She kept walking back and forth and smiling at us all the time. Well being a 4 piece guy band, we were going nuts.

About halfway through our second set of Texas rock, since her station wasn't busy at that time, she came of from behind the bar and started dancing very seductively. Soon, a few other females joined. Must have been her friends because they all acted like they knew each other. So here we have 4 really, REALLY nice looking gals dancing very seductively to one of our slower numbers. The lead guitar player turned and smiled as big as he could at me. Then our front man turns around and mouths "son of a b*tch" to us. This hadn't happened to use before.

I had to try hard not to crack up and get the tempo off. Of course, the other dudes in the crowd started yelling and hooping and hollering for them to "take it off". The gal I took to the gig with me (now my wife) was laughing hysterically at all this. Of course, none of these gals did take anything off, but all the yelling and stuff was a distraction to say the least. And the front man was getting totally flustered. At my pearch, this all was so dang funny!

Our lead guy motioned for us to do several repeats in this song in order to have this show continue. Sadly, the female bartender had to go back to her station as some people needed drinks and the other chicks decided it was time to move on. So we ended the number quite...um...happy!
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I can't really remember a time where we were ever heckled by a crowd member. I do recall a few situations where other bands we were playing with would run their mouths a little. I've had a singer from another band corner me before to tell me (after we had just finished playing a set) "You are a very solid and creative drummer... But I would really like to see you play straighter beats..." I was kinda taken off guard by this since we intentionally write our songs in odd meters and using off-beat patterns, so I replied: "I will take your opinion into consideration when we working on future material. But real quick, can you explain to me how to play a 5/4 or 7/8 measure straight?" He just looked at me like a deer in the headlights...


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Sorry, never been heckled.

Spent my whole life being intimidating just so I could avoid that kind of thing.

Well, a few other kinds of things as well.

(Note: The being physically intimidating thing does NOT work online. Kind of a relief, actually.)


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Living in the Philadelphia area as a transplant, I have to deal with all the Eagles and Phillie fans, which is not a fun experience. So I can appreciate a comedian that takes it to them. But this was so vulgar I couldn't get past the first minute.


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Living in the Philadelphia area as a transplant, I have to deal with all the Eagles and Phillie fans, which is not a fun experience. So I can appreciate a comedian that takes it to them. But this was so vulgar I couldn't get past the first minute.
sorry about that. if you could have made it through, it would have been one of the most beautiful moments of your life.


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i remember a gig we did...the guitar player's amp cacked out so the road crew was trying to fix the problem.

some a**hole was b!tchin' about the fact that he paid "X" amount of dollars to get in and that we weren't playing any music. i explained that we were having technical problems and we would get up and running as soon as we could. he just kept squawking about the delay and how much he paid, so i went to the front of the stage and told him him to STFU and threw the amount of money he paid to get in in his face. the crowd went NUTS over the that. :) :)