Having trouble tuning my DW kick


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I have been having trouble getting my DW collectors series 22 / 20 kick to sound good. I used to use Tama rockstar customs with a 22/ 16 kick, and i think i have mastered the tuning of that drum. It sounds like a canon going off, the drums sounds so much louder and powerful when it's tunes right. For some reason i can't achieve the same results with my DW. The DW's are 4 inches deeper which takes away from the attack i assume. Any tuning tips with a longer kick? I don't want to depend on the PA to make up for my tuning weakness. I have the same resonant heads on both. The Tama i have a superkick 2, the dw's i have the original DW head.

Doug Masters

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Send me your kit and I'll tune it and promise to send it back :)

Seriously, I don't know. You might try a little tighter than you think on the batter side to get more punch?


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Timmy, just to start off, and something to sort of measure with. Put a full head, no hole, on the front with PS3 type heads (whatever brand), on front and back with NO MUFFLING, and you should definitely be able to hear a good whooomp that way. After you get that, start experimenting with slight muffling inside, etc...

If you don't get a good sound out of that, I dunno.... Something else might be happenin' with the shell.

What did you pay for your kit?


Definitely go with a pitch a little higher than JAW. I have found that PS3 heads really come into their own tuned a bit higher. I have a maple PDP 24x18 kick drum with PS3 front and back. I was a struggle until I just started working through the tuning range 1/8th turns at a time but I found it