Have you come to the conclusion that you're better at other things and you may suck?


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Re: Have you come to the conclusion that you're better at other things and you may su

Answer to your question: a very big YES

I hadn't done anything musical for decades before, on a whim, buying a small electronic kit. It was awesome fun, and I've progressed over almost three years to an intermediate kit. It's still awesome fun, but the progress curve has been getting flatter and flatter, which has been discouraging.

Looking for inspiration, I checked out some local gigs and approached the drummers, but they're all scary geniuses with the stick!! Ugh. No real encouragement there.

Looking in another direction for inspiration, I've signed up for some drum magazine: you know the ones - Modern Drummer and Rhythm. They are full of tales of the likes of Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, John Bonham and a host of other drum gods! Scarier still.

What I really need is to go watch a whole bunch of drumming incompetents, and from the drum magazines, some articles on all those drummers that don't know what a double pedal is, and are indescribably bad, yet still somehow acceptable enough to some fans out there to be able to make a living out of the kit!!!

Where are you, all ye hopeless drummers. We need to see you to restore our enthusiasm for hours of swiss triplets and dreaming of polyrhythm orchestrations through the night. Hey, even if you can help has smack those skins for a few minutes more, we'd be forever indebted!!!

Have fun!!!
Yes, I saw a few drummers this summer, who if not incompetent, could be best described as limited, and stayed within their skill level. These were older guys who were comfortable if not dynamic with their playing but they pulled it off by not going beyond what they could do, so it sounded good enough. Gave me some hope. Hey, they were supplementing their income, and still getting a good response from the crowd. I'm actually not as bad as I make myself out to be, just frustrated - I'm going to go a little slower and I think it'll help.


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Re: Have you come to the conclusion that you're better at other things and you may su

The first video is so fuzzy that you look like Ben Stiller and Woody Harrelson heheh. Good job on the drums in the second one.
thanks! and my friend HATES to be compared to ben stiller, but he really does look like him!

there are a lot of drummers out there who aren't technical geniuses but who keep time very well and have a way of playing the right thing at the right time in a musical sort of way. with your extensive musical background you could realistically become a drummer like that. a lot of people will tell you that being a musical drummer is better than being a technical drummer anyway and i have to say i agree with that, although i do spend time working on technical things.