Has anyone else ever stumble across this?


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..........or made in japan.
Although there was a time that anything branded "Made in Japan" wasn't exactly seen as high quality merchandise either. It was only 25 or 30 years ago the term "Jap crap" was bandied around from pillar to post....especially with respect to the auto industry. Or check out Pearl drums initial offerings in the 60's......they've come a long way from those humble beginnings.

It's funny how the world turns. Give China another 25 odd years and the stigma will be gone from there as well. Perceptions of "inferior" or "cheap" product will change over time....nothing surer.

Doesn't change employment opportunities on the home front, but as I stated earlier, that horse had well and truely bolted long before this article was written.
The dudes website is completely stupid.
In the UK there aren't many big corporations. There are McD's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos are climbing up, Morrisons, ASDA (Wal-mart) and Tesco among many more. Wheras music stores... There aren't any big stores, they're all independant.

In my hometown of Glasgow there are a few drum shops but I only goto one as I'm used to the surroundings, I know the guys etc. etc. and in the end it all comes to customer service. It's as if... A really small music store in the US will sell stuff very different from GuitarCenter...

In Scotland too, we a store called GuitarGuitar. Originally Glasgow-owned are getting big in the UK. and they sell just guitars and the store is outstanding! I'm not a guitarist, but I go there just to get strings and look around as I do play guitar a little (I can play some of Dream Theaters Constant Motion).

But drums, that's where I stick to and there are no big corporate music stores in the UK and the big ones are usually the best guys you can deal with.

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I think it's a pendulum, for a while it goes cheap to penetrate more of the market, then those who really care, and NEED quality instruments, understand why they need to put up some cash to get that quality.

Granted the box stores are beating up the manufactures to get lower prices, so they really NEED to do it or loose the big fish in the market...

Things will get back to quality, I see it in all the "custom" drum & Guitar shops... Yes they still exist... IF we support them.


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Is the "problem" that they are corporations? or that they are BIG corporations? Inever understood the problem with big corporations. They do pay the highest of all taxes, not only pure dollars but percentage of net income. The ma and pa stores are great, but why do we think we need to protect them? Is there a sense of self-righteousness? I think people hate big corporations because other people say they hate big corporations. The smaller mom and pop stores sell the same stuff, you know. My only beef with corporations is that the principle officers are legally severed from their liability. They can screw up all they want risking nothing but their jobs. (Although most do own a ton of stock)...I'm not an expert in this stuff, but I have audited corporations and smaller LLCs and sole propieterships. Corporations are good businsess, sole proprieters are looking at profits just as much a s corporations.....


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Part of my philosophy is this. The three M's. Music, Medical, and Marine. The music and the marine are luxuries. We don't necessarily need these items so they charge what they feel the economy will handle. I realize that some people use these items for their income but they get write offs on their taxes for such things. Medicine although not a luxury is one of those necessary evils where the ultimate professionals try to keep us alive. Hospital expenses and Doctors expertise do not and will never come cheap. One way to lower your musical expensives is to buy decent equipment and then take care of it. A decent set of drums should last forever. We see drums from the 60's now that are still functioning after 50 years and I would dare say they weren't built as well as todays. So our drums should be going strong 50 years from now. Expect a few dings if you gig out but other wise do some preventive maintenance. I really don't think that the U.S. is circling down the drain, I still feel that the world has gotten so much bigger, and yet technology has gotten us so much closer, that the rest of the world has caught up to us and we are much more dependent on others for our goods. Buy from the Ma and Pa if you can afford it and support your local countries good since this is an international forum and hope for the best. Peace.