Happy day: Published a book

So writing has been a long passion of mine and I've always wanted to publish my work. But seeing as its nearly impossible to get published by a company I went my own way and self published. I had it published on the web sight lulu.com and the cool thing is when someone buys your book they print it and mail it.
So I'm excitied. My book is a work of fiction titled The Tools of War.

P.s. this is not me advertising or trying to sell. Just an exciting day I figured I'd share.


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My sister-in-law had a book published a while back (a report writing handbook for law enforcement) so I'm aware of the struggles one goes through to make it all happen.

So what is the book about? (See what I did there? Now you can tell us about the book without looking like you're advertising...)
Haha I see what you did.
At its core it's a war novel. It follows a group of young damaged mercenaries across their battles. The main protagonists play the good guys but truthfully aren't and they know that. There not invested in the war it's just a job to them. So they fight hard so they can go home.

In my previous post I called it fiction ment to write science fiction. Star Wars, Star Trek, and many fantasy books influenced me a lot.